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How to use offline and online marketing strategies to grow hotels business

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Now as digital trends are emerging in the world rapidly, so hotels should change their marketing campaign style. Overall they need to incorporate offline and online marketing strategies to grow hotels business.

Digital marketing trends are more important as the hotel business is going more online. But hotels are using both on-line and offline strategies to gain the maximum number of customers.

For a hotel owner, it is important to increase the reach of a marketing campaign. More you will reach then you will get more bookings.

In this technology age, digital marketing is transforming the business. But traditional offline methods also help in growing your business.

Hence marketing plan comprises both offline and online strategies to get visitors to your hotel.

Online marketing efforts can be measured easily. These methods are also less expensive than traditional ones. But many offline marketing strategies support your online tactics.

Here in this blog, you will find both online and offline marketing techniques that can help to grow your hotel business.

Offline and traditional marketing techniques still have their share in building your brand. Here some important offline marketing techniques that help a hotel in encouraging guests.

Direct interaction with the customer over phone calls and emails. If you directly get booking from customers then it saves your OTAs commission.

Answering queries quickly and comprehensively will also help your guests to feel good. Their interactions with your hotel, in turn helping to boost your reputation.

Tour operators, will package a stay in your hotel with other products in order to provide an end-to-end experience for the guests.

It goes without saying that it’s beneficial to your business to be a part of as many “complete packages” of airfares, hotel stays car hires, and tours as possible.

Put printed cards in guest rooms by writing your social media handles on it. It is a very good way to encourage your social media campaign by using offline marketing techniques.

The visitor will spend his time reading your cards then it will make a connection with your brand.

Create a slide or a banner ad that can be displayed on the electronic reader boards on property.  

Conferences, groups-in-house, or transient guests will look at these reader boards for information regarding maps, meeting agendas, and see the advertisements for social media.

In this age of technology, it is important for hotels to adopt a digital marketing strategy for gaining more guests. Here are some important online marketing strategies that help hotels to build market share.

Search engine optimization is very important for any hotel website. Maximizing your SEO will make your hotel more visible to potential guests, giving you more brand awareness.

Better SEO will show your website page on the top search results of any search engine. Hence, enhance your website SEO for getting more traffic on it.

Pages that rank on the first page of search results usually get 90% traffic. SEO becomes very essential for higher conversation.

In digital marketing, your website plays a very important role. Creating a mobile-friendly website is a necessity for growth in the Hotel industry.

You want your website to be available to as many users as possible to increase potential bookings, regardless of the device they are using.

Social media engagement is very important for hotels. They should upload posts on a regular basis. It increases engagement with customers.

You can show your property to them by using social media. Use Facebook and Instagram because they are widely used in social media platforms.

Content marketing is always an important part of the hotel’s marketing strategy. It does not directly sell your brand. But stimulates visitors to take action.

Creating online content such as videos, blog posts, and sharing them on your website or social media pages is content marketing.

This type of content is not for direct promotion of your hotel but create interest in your hotel.

For example, your hotel is near to a famous monument. Then you can write a blog post about that monument. Then it will persuade visitors to visit that place and stay in your hotel.

By using the efforts of offline marketing a hotel can increase the efficiency of its digital marketing plans. Mixing strategies will help you in measuring your hotel marketing efforts.

In fact, using both is more powerful. By combining the two approaches, you can bring your marketing full circle —  increasing your firm’s visibility and, at the same time, attracting more attention to your online brand.

By using Offline marketing techniques like printed greeting cards and templates you can give the information about your website or social media.

In the hotel industry, both offline and online marketing techniques have their importance. A hotel can integrate both types of marketing techniques and enhance its marketing strategy.

Only going for digital marketing will not give success to your brand. Use offline techniques to increase the efficiency of your online efforts.

Digital efforts are easy to measure but offline marketing has its own importance. So include both tactics in making strategic plans.

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Comment your ideas and suggestion about offline and online marketing strategies in the hotel business.

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