How to take care of hotel employees in the covid-19 pandemic?

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In the pandemic, employers must take care of hotel employees as it has tremendously affected them.

The only way to recover from the tragic losses of recent months is to make staffs feel secure and restore their confidence.

Because they are the ones who will make guests feel welcome.

If the staffs/employees of the hotel are not happy then how they will work for the hotel growth.

Hotel staffs are working tirelessly to fulfill the needs of guests and stand up to the expectations of their employers.

They are everyday exposing themselves to virus as they are traveling to hotel for their work and interacting with different guests.

Thus, it puts their and their families life in danger.

It’s imperative to remove health and economic anxiety from them and take measures to ensure their safety.

Only then we can bring the hotel back to its position.

take care of hotel employees

Let’s look at the way, we can take care of the hotel employees to reduce their stress.

To the maximum extent possible, avoid the lay-off of employees.

Otherwise, it will seriously damage the motivation and efficiency of your hotel employees.

Moreover, when you are not able to handle your employees during a time of crisis, this news will widespread.

And hit global proportions in minutes thanks to the influence of social media.

Eventually, damaging the reputation of your hotel brand.

Employees left in the job will not feel secure and they will not leave any chance to switch to a different job.

Furthermore, in the future hiring becomes difficult and more expensive.

Frame policies that everyone has to follow for their safety.

These will only be successful if everyone will follow them without any breach.

There will always be visitors (and employees) who refuse to obey the health guidelines you’ve put in place to keep everyone safe.

So, you have to keep a check and take corrective measures if any negligence detected.

To gain the confidence of guests and employees, you can also you signage ( i.e, signs, symbols and visual graphics).

It will include guidelines that everyone has to follow.

Creating effective signage increase awareness among guests and staffs that leads to easy cooperation from them.

When employees/ staffs see that hotel is taking steps for their safety, they feel a sense of relief and it soothes their fear.

Allow employees to report or take other necessary actions if any guest break safety protocols.

Thus, there will be clarity and unsafe actions are minimised.

When problems or conflicts arise, follow up, stand by your decisions, and take decisive action to settle the situation.

It may not be comfortable at the time, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

The strategy to limit the danger of COVID-19 transmission is social distancing or keeping a distance of 2 metres from other individuals.

To maintain the distance you can implement stagger shifts.

Stagger shifts allow employees to come and leave the hotel at different times to minimize contact and reduce congestion in your hotel.

For instance, Assume your hotel employs twelve individuals.

Four staffs may be scheduled to work from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the others from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

And remaining from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

You can also call them rotation wise. But one disadvantage of this is that hotel personnel will grow overwhelmed.

Because of fewer hands and more work due to increased cleanliness and safety rules.

To resolve this, use technology to automate the process.

It will not only increases hotel efficiency but also reduces difficulties of staffs.

Moreover, cross-department communication can easily take place which reduces the communication gap.

Eventually, performance improves and staffs will work cohesively as a team.

Hotel staffs have to regularly come in contact with different guests to perform their daily duties which increase significant risk.

Adopting contactless technology can help mitigate these risks and, in certain situations, completely remove them.

Thus, staffs can deliver exceptional services without risking their health.

There’s no better way to demonstrate your concern towards your employee’s well-being.

Using automated technologies will streamline processes, allowing them to give even better service both during and after the pandemic.

Adopt the Property Management System as contactless technology.

It will allow the property to streamline and simplify its day-to-day operations.

Like from housekeeping duties, complex reservations, inventory management, housekeeping, and other facilities operations.

Hence, now guests have access to self-check-in in their assigned hotel rooms from their mobile apps.

It also allows guests to control room temperature, turning on lights, control the temperature of the bathroom and more.

Thus, guests don’t have to contact touchpoints.

Moreover, contactless payments are possible for food and beverage at kiosks that print receipts just like automatic teller machines.

  • Regular screening, if symptoms are visible then send them home.
  • Provide essential items (sanitiser, soap, facial tissues, latex gloves) not only to employees but also keep them in other rooms.
  • Housekeepers must clean hotel guest rooms only when the room is vacant.
  • When cleaning, instruct housekeepers to avoid coming into contact with visitors’ personal belongings.
  • Turn on the proper ventilation system to improve air circulation.
  • Ensure baggage is delivered to guest rooms when guests are not in their rooms.
  • Use a checklist as a tool to ensure the hotel is organised, maintains hygiene and safe for all staffs, and guests.
  • This inspection is done to lower exposure to hazards. Strict checklist monitoring and thorough self-auditing create reliability.
  • Limit the number of individuals allowed in an elevator at a time.

We can conclude that to gain confidence of employees to the maximum extent possible, avoid the lay-off of employees.

Frame and implement policies that ensure employees that you are concerned about their health.

Moreover, use contactless technologies and stagger shifts to avoid touch points.

Adopting these will give a sense of relief to employees and their productivity will increase.

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