What are the key modules of a Property Management System?

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Integrating the modules of a property management system delivers a more efficient result and improves financial performance.

It is more critical than ever to have the right hotel software in place because the hotel industry depends heavily on digital data.

And many of the facets of hotel management take place online.

Hotels widely use PMS software to manage daily operations from a single location.

But when you integrate it with other crucial software solutions, then you will deliver specialized solutions.

It is difficult to divide the function of PMS into a more or less important task because every task is necessary.

However, every hotel must integrate PMS with the reservation system and front desk operations module.

In this blog, I have mentioned the modules of a property management system but first, understand PMS.

A property management system is software that helps to perform administrative and reservation tasks of a hotel.

Generally, we can say that it manages both the internal and external operations of your hotel.

As everything is shifting online, potential customers are expecting support 24/7, so the property management system can easily take care of it.

blue and white color depicts Key modules of a property management system

For a property management system, the reservation module, which aims to handle online bookings is indispensable.

As a separate PMS module, the central reservation system (CRS) or some other reservation platform may be available.

The hotel reservation system keeps the records of data and sends it to the front desk.

Hence, hotels must incorporate the reservation system with the website booking engine and other delivery channels.

If a specific reservation software is currently used by a hotel or a hotel chain, PMS must provide integration with the current service.

A front desk module allows the front desk manager to manage multiple bookings eliminating errors from it and also saves time.

It allows routine operations such as check-ins and check-outs of customers like individuals or businesses man, and other groups of people.

Further, with the help of this module, you can send booking confirmation emails and follow-ups for pending deposits.

Revenue management means keeping the right price for potential guests at the right time.

But, there are many variables that come into play and change frequently, so we have to consider them.

Hence, integrating with the property management system can make it easier.

Integrating revenue management with a property management system helps to understand.

Ways to adjust procedures for improvement in performance and monitor finances.

Dynamic pricing is allowed by the property management module.

Using algorithms, this module allows hotels to market rooms based on past reservation data.

As it tracks the pricing by competitors, weather data, and nearby events.

All these make executing revenue management decisions easier and increases the conversion rates of guests.

When our customer is happy with hotel services, then they will again visit the hotel.

For that, the maintenance of records of customer data for building strong and enduring customer relationships, thereby enhancing brand value.

If your hotel has its CRM system, then integrate it with the property management system to collect and store customer data.

Otherwise, integrate the CRM module with the front desk and reservation system to personalize guest’s experiences.

A channel manager is software that synchronizes the inventory, rates on all channels where all channels are listed.

We know that the Central reservation system keeps all the information about the hotel rooms.

Hence, the channel manager connects to the Central reservation system and sends this information from it to distribution channels.

These channels are GDSs, OTAs, wholesalers, etc. Every distribution channel has its audience.

So, it increases its visibility across its audiences.

For instance- connection to OTA.

Make it easier to meet a large number of prospective guests, many of who book tickets or schedule trips in advance.

Global Distribution System also connects business travellers.

Maintenance of the hotel is not an easy task if work is not delegated and control in organised manner chances of errors are high.

But when you connect the property management system to the housekeeping module, then management is possible from the front office.

It updates the maintenance tasks and reports for the users.

The key function of this module is the cleaning and maintenance of the hotel.

It includes keeping records to areas to be clean, management of room status, assignment of the task to a housekeeper.

Further, it maintains the records of areas that need repair and maintenance.

The hotel back office keeps records of annual accounting reports or organizes financial details, monitor administrative and technical issues.

It is important staff members can conveniently access hotel systems.

And databases to make wise decisions to ensure better guest experiences.

When we integrate the hotel back office with PMS allows hoteliers to access the back office from anywhere at any time.

Further, you can monitor it throughout the year to keep financial and administrative technologies functional.

Additionally, constant monitoring keeps your system protected and compliant.

And efficiently execute and control hotel PMS and other software.

When the point of sale and property management system is not integrated.

Then billing of additional services of your hotel has to communicate at the front desk manually.

Hence, their integration streamlines the process of charging sales in restaurants and other charges to a guest’s room.

It reduces manual errors, saves time, satisfies guests and improves revenue.

We can conclude that integration is essential to stay competitive in this digitally-friendly environment.

The main modules of the property management system are reservation, front desk operations, channel manager, point of sale, etc.

All these help in the effective and efficient management of hotels.

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