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How To Start An Online Hotel Booking Site

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Most of the hotel owners understand the importance of the online presence. They know the latest technology very well, the resources and time required to built a perfect hotel website with all the features to promote their hotels online.

But, building a dedicated website is not easy. If the website is not good enough then the guests will book their rooms somewhere else. Generally the cost for developing a hotel website is very high.

To avoid the loss of potential customers and increase the revenue of the hotel, there are some cardinal rules which has to be followed by the small, medium and large hotels while developing a hotel website.

Qlo hotel reservation system is developed on considering these cardinal rules. With Qlo hoteliers can easily start their own hotel booking site. Qlo is an open source, totally free hotel reservation system. Hoteliers can easily customize Qlo according to their requirements.

Let’s take a look on all the rules which are necessary to develop any hotel website.

The guests planning their vacations always want to book rooms in any hotel as soon as possible. They try to find the hotel website which is highly user friendly, so that they can search the rooms easily and do not face any issue while booking their rooms in the hotel. They can easily edit their bookings before placing final reservation request in the hotel website.

Qlo is a user friendly system. With Qlo guests can easily book their rooms in your hotel. Guests can search the rooms or hotels location wise. Before placing their final reservation order, guests can edit their order anytime.


A user friendly customer account to manage orders and personal details.



Hoteliers can lure guests to their hotels only when they have an attractive landing page. It is important that the hoteliers provide pictures of their hotels or their rooms on the landing page, so that guests can visualize their hotel. In today’s era people do not trust only on the pictures provided by the hoteliers but they prefer to go with other users testimonials.

Qlo has beautiful landing page and hoteliers can provide every information related to the hotel on the landing page itself. Guests can find search field on the landing page to search rooms or hotels location wise. They can also view the short and long description about hotel, pictures of the rooms, testimonials given by other users and even the features provided by the hotel to their guests.



See, if you are going to developed a website then it is necessary to consider your future plans also. If you are not futuristic then it will be difficult for you to upgrade your website every-time. There should not be any restriction in uploading the number of rooms or hotels on your website.

With Qlo hoteliers can easily upload unlimited number of rooms or hotels. If any hotelier has number of hotels in different city then hotelier can upload all the hotels in same system and can manage all the hotels with their rooms through a common hotel reservation system.

Hoteliers can manage their unlimited number of hotels from ” Manage Hotel” tab in Qloapps.


From “Manage Hotel Room” tab, admin can manage various rooms availability and details.


Front-end view of the rooms on the landing and search page.




If you are developing a website then it is necessary to consider the walk-in booking also. As it is not necessary all the guests book their rooms through online, they can visit the hotel physically and book rooms to stay in hotel. So, the system should be developed in such a manner that you can easily manage the availability of rooms even if the booking is done offline.

Qlo provide this feature in the system. Qlo manages the offline booking easily. If any guest is booking room by visiting the hotel then hoteliers can book the room from the back-end of the system, so that availability of room is managed in real time.



If guests are booking their rooms online then they want to have the booking confirmation email immediately. They also want to have the email notification for everything.

Qlo provides instant email notification for everything such as on booking confirmation, on booking cancellation, room allotted etc.



If you want that your guests can book their rooms online then it is necessary that you provide them payment gateways through which they can make payment to book rooms. The integration of payment gateway is very important.

By default Paypal payment gateway and other payment gateways are integrated within Qlo to provide the famous payment gateway to the guests to book their rooms through the website.



If any guest is making prior booking in your hotel then guest must have considered and read the refund rules of your hotel. It is very important to manage the refund rules on your website, so that guests can cancel their reservation anytime. The refund rules must be displayed to guests on the website.

Qlo manages multiple refund rules. Hoteliers can add various refund rules for their guests. Guests can cancel their reservation anytime. Guests can send the cancellation request to hotelier and after approval from the hotelier guests will receive cancellation mail.



As a hotelier you always want to have stats of your hotels and rooms in real time. You should have knowledge of the availability of rooms in your hotel in real time, so that you can manage your offline bookings or one month or two month pre-bookings as per your terms and condition.

Qlo provides you a beautiful stat for the availability of rooms in your hotel. You can check the stats date wise, month wise, room type wise and even by hotel also.



You have number of hotels in various cities and those cities are the tourists attractive cities, in this case you want to have guests from every city or state or country. This is not possible, if your hotel reservation website do not support multi-language or currencies.

Qlo is one of the reservation system which supports multi-language and currencies. Each and every guest can select their currency to check the rates of the rooms.

The selected currency is “USD”


The selected currency is “Yuan”


This is not it, there are many more features provided by Qlo which will make your website more usefull and attractive to guests. Check the demo of the Qlo to know the whole functionality-

Front-End Login Link-
Back-End Login Link-
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Password :demodemo

For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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