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Influencer Marketing for Hotels

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Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy in which you hire or inspire an influencer to get the word out for you. Basically, you use a key leader of your niche to place your brand in the market.

Influencer Marketing is a form of social media marketing. Many times, influencer marking also goes along with content marketing. A video or blog creates a similar impact as a facebook post or a tweet.

As per a survey by mediakix Instagram is the most important channel followed by YouTube and Facebook.


An influencer who is known to have profound knowledge of your niche endorse your brand. The influencer has followers and his words can motivate the user to opt for a brand.

The influencer is a mouthpiece who has fame in your industry. He has an impact on the audience which can be your potential customer.

In this article, I am going to discuss the benefits of Influencer Marketing and How we can do it.

There are many benefits of Influencer marketing.  Listing some of them below.

We call a person influencer due to a reason. They have followers who trust them. People are inspired by them and take their opinion and recommendations very seriously.

Twitter discussed in an article that what is the value of an influencer on Twitter. The article stated,

Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer.

Furthermore, the article stated that when an influencer and a brand couple with each other the purchase intend goes up by 5.2X.

Let me draw an analogy to make this more clear. Assume you need a plumber and your friend recommend one to you. You have never seen his work but you trust your friend. And your friend trust this plumber so you gave the job to this plumber.

Trust builds trust.

Similarly, followers trust influencers. And their recommendation can build trust in your brand.

One of the most prominent reasons why influencer marketing is so successful is that it is not pushy at all. And that is why it is better than traditional ad marketing.

Advertising many times make customer frustrated. 26% of the users are blocking ads on computers and 15% are doing it on smartphones.

But when it comes to influencer marketing, the audience is willing to receive the content. They follow and subscribe to the influencer to receive the content from him.

And this makes it bigger and better. It generates more leads that are relevant and that is easy to convert.

Value to the users is at the core of influencer marketing. People start following someone only when they receive the content they like.

So the first step of becoming an influencer is to provide the right in-demand content for your niche. Then if your content is up to the mark it can attract the audience then you become an influencer.

Hence, placing the product in the market is the second aspect of influencer marketing. Which is not so bad because it has a better success rate.

This type of marketing is on its boom and gaining popularity day by day. But still, the investment here is very less.

Influencers do not charge you much unless you are willing to work only with celebrities. They are very easy on your pocket with high returns on investments.

Working with celebrities has more issues apart from being expensive. They have a bigger audience but it is more generic also. So the relevancy is at stack.

And with less relevancy, the chances of conversion are also less.


Now here are some tips that can come handy in your campaign.

Specifying your goal is the most important part of your campaign. Before you actually take any step you have to get done with this.

The goal can be short term or long term. You can aim to increase the followers on your hotel Instagram page or you can have a long term partnership with the influencer.

Whatever it has to be clarified at the beginning. So that you can plan your campaign around it.

Finding a perfect for your business is like finding a perfect partner for yourself. If the match is not good the results can be a bit disappointing.

Now the word partner is not limited to influencer only but it also includes the platform you are going to target.

You have to first analyze where are your potential customers. For the hotel industry, we can find most of your potential clients on Instagram.

Once the platform is final you can choose an influencer on Instagram. It can be a solo traveler or a travel page that suits your style.

It is always nice to hire an influencer gargantuan number of followers. But we have to see is it worth it.

The relevancy factor again comes into play. And that is the reason behind the rise of micro-influencers.

The influencers with the huge following charge you more and have lesser chances of lead generation and conversions. But on the other hand, micro-influencers can get you better results as they are more relevant.

So this was my attempt to bring your attention toward influencer marketing. Influencer marketing can be boon for your business and it deserves a shot.

There may be more points that can be added to the article. Your suggestions and thoughts are most welcomed. Please drop them in the comment box.

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