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How to Respond to Positive Hotel Reviews

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It is not a secret anymore that hoteliers or managers have to be quick in responding to guests reviews on review websites like TripAdvisor. It literally shows that to the guests that the hotel really cares about the views of the people who stay at the property.

According to a study by Tripadvisor, about 65% of guests are willing to book rooms with a hotel that responds to the reviews in comparison to the hotel that doesn’t. Whereas if the management responds in a good manner to poor reviews in the 85% users said it would improve the impression of a hotel.

Now, let’s have a look at the results of a study conducted by Cornell University in 2016 regarding the responses of hotel managers to online reviews. The study focuses on the positive correlation between the response rate and revenue levels. As per the study, the hotels that had a response rate of around 40% to reviews saw a rise up to two times in the bookings, as compared to hotels that didn’t respond to any reviews on review platforms.

The study also helped to discover a unique fact, that the revenue after the about a 40-percent response rate, hotels seem to reach a point of diminishing returns.

It is really important to address the reviews about your hotel. But it is even more important to address negative and mixed reviews first. Then move on to other positive reviews, select and pick more significant reviews where guests share a detailed review about your hotel.

Some of the best ways to handle positive reviews are as follows:

1.People are very busy and it takes a lot of effort to write a review. So the first step is to thank the guest for taking out time to share his review about your hotel. This will show that you acknowledge their efforts and it will, in turn, make them happy.

2.A lot of hotels use a template to respond to reviewers. It shows to the customer that you are just doing a formality. Instead take a more personal approach while responding to the reviews. This approach helps you bring your brand alive in front of the reviewer as well other travelers searching through the review website for hotels. It also helps you to convey to potential guests that they could also expect a pleasurable service and an awesome stay experience at your hotel.

3.Suppose a guest share a feedback about your hotel and mentions about a staff member that really put in efforts to make their stay perfect for them. Then it would be wise to let the guest know that you will share his experience with your staff and appreciate members who’re names the guest has mentioned. The guest will appreciate such gesture and help build a friendly bond with your hotel and staff members, which will encourage them to visit your hotel again.

4.Last but not the least, you can encourage the guests to share their experience on their social media accounts and tell their friends about your hotel. You can humbly request them to follow your hotel on social channels for latest updates, news, and special offers.

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