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Guest Testimonials and Reviews

Guest Testimonials and Reviews

With QloApps, you can display the testimonials given by your guests on the homepage. We selected the homepage to display testimonials because it is the first page where new guests will land so, it will create a magnificent first impression.

Also, with a testimonial, the visitors can see the name, occupation, and a picture of the guests to build authenticity. By displaying it to your website visitors, you can attract and increase conversions. Testimonials are the social proof of your good services.

A testimonial builds your credibility in the eyes of potential consumers. No one wants to be the first in line. In particular, when it comes to trying a new service from a new brand. They want to know the experience of different people, and if it is positive.

Then, they can take it. Users also like to read testimonials before making a booking on any hotel website. Positive testimonials leave a good impact on the mind of customers. It is because they are not a strong sales pitch.

They are unbiased statements and, they build trust. It reassures them regarding the creditworthiness of the service. 

Benefits of using guest testimonials and reviews on your website

  • The credibility, social acceptance, and reliability of a business are visible through positive client testimonials.
  • Humans are social creatures and, before investing in any product or service, they want to know what others have to say about it. Hence, when customers give recommendations, they believe it is correct and worthy of, their time and money.
  • Reviews tend to be the most crucial ranking element. It aids firms in ranking highly, even if their link profiles are of low quality.
  • When visitors find a genuine website, they can make a quick decision which saves their efforts and time.
  • Large the number of visitors, the higher the conversions leads to more return on investments.

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