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How to manage your listings with a channel manager

Index Share Tweet Save is one of the biggest online travel agencies, is a great platform to list your vacation rental. It is more beneficial if you want to attract international tourists. 

On this OTA millions of daily travelers search for places for their vacations. This provides huge exposure to your property irrespective of your property type.

However, if you want to stay ahead in this competitive industry, you cannot rely on a single platform. You need to list your property on various channels.

Managing your listings on these multiple channels is time-consuming work. It becomes even more time-consuming if you have multiple properties listed. 

Luckily, there’s a tool that can help you manage all the listings on the various channels, which is a channel manager. 

In this informative blog post, we will learn how can you manage bookings using the channel manager.

A channel manager allows a hotelier to centralize and manage the properties’ data from a single platform.

You can automatically update your availability, room rates, and reservations across different channels in real-time using an API connection.

When your customers make a booking on a single platform, the channel manager automatically restricts similar on the other channels. This helps to eliminate the change of overbookings, which often results in cancellations and penalties. 

Firstly, you need to setup your with a channel manager.

Once you have successfully set up the Channel Manager with, you can follow these simple steps to optimize your bookings.

How to manage listing on the channel manager QloApps

The first step is to update your property information regularly. Any change which is related to your property should be updated. Also, Information regarding updates or issues by updated and addressed on time.

Moreover, don’t forget to update the information regarding the seasonal discounts as it will enhance your revenue. 

The booking document recently conducted a study which states that 75% of travelers make booking decisions based on reviews. So, this is one of the areas where you can’t compromise. 

Make sure to check the online reviews regularly. 

Sometimes your guests may leave negative reviews as per your stay. So you have to take the review as constructive criticism and address the situation accordingly.

This will help you to make a positive brand image which will help you in improving your business growth. 

To have a smooth and seamless booking process, your booking calendar should be upgraded regularly. This helps you to show the accurate availability of the rooms and eliminates the chance of overbooking. 

You can use iCal format export option to add the booking data and enable synchronization with other channels to minimize the change of overbookings.

Moreover, to make it a more efficient process, you can use a channel manager that will update your inventory in real-time. 

Once you have started receiving the bookings on the platform, it’s important to analyze it. This is not easy especially when you don’t know about which report you should prioritize first. 

To help you with this, your channel manager has a dedicated section such as a dashboard where you can track the performance of your hotel in realtime. 

Also, a dashboard provides various reports such as occupancy reports, booking and reservations reports and financial reports can help you analyze your hotel’s performance.

As a hotel owner, you know the importance of seasonal bookings. To leverage the season, you need to make discounts offer to your property and update the same on your website in real-time. 

Some channel managers come with a feature of advanced pricing. It will set the discount based on the region, length of stay, or even last-minute deal. You can set the parameter on these channel managers and it will update it across all the channels. 

Ways to optimize your bookings with Channel Manager QloApps

In this post, we have learned that a channel manager is an efficient tool to not only update your inventories but also provide various features that help hoteliers enhance their business.

So, this was all about the efficient ways in which you can manage your bookings on using a channel manager

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