How to know when your hotel needs an upgrade

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Changing with time hotel guest’s needs are also changing. They are becoming more demanding. Now hotel owners should understand timely when their hotel needs an upgrade.

Invest in new technologies is very necessary to compete with others.

But often, hotel owners are hesitant to put large portions of their yearly profits back into the business, a resistance that can have disastrous effects. 

The savvy marketers understand that while many hotels out there are investing in new technologies and design trends.

But not all hotel managers are fortunate enough to work for forward-thinking owners.

Traveler Nick Mes recently stayed in an Edinburgh hotel that seems to be suffering from neglect. After scanning reviews on TripAdvisor, where the negative far outweighed the positive,

It became obvious that the owners would do well to heed the collective voice of their guests.

“Generally the hotel had its perks – most of the staff were friendly and helpful, my bed was comfortable and clean, but there was a sense of overall decay as I walked from the lobby to my room,” he told us.

“The carpets seemed like they hadn’t been washed in ages, paint was peeling off the walls, the restaurant was far too small for the hotel’s size, and the bathrooms could really use some work.

“Someone actually wrote ‘What a dump’ in the elevator using a permanent marker. The fact that the hotel hasn’t yet bothered to cover it up speaks volumes. I don’t think I’d stay there again.

Extract this information, and when motivating for upgrades add the details to your report. Essentially, you ‘re doing the hard work for your guests.

A good hotel management system must deliver a high return on investment, after all, it is more than just an organizational tool for your guests’ data.

An efficient PMS needs to go above and beyond by helping to reduce costs, increase productivity, engage guests, save time, and generate higher revenue.

With that in mind, look for a PMS that:

  • Offers a mobile-friendly booking engine to help you increase direct bookings
  • Has a channel manager that will effectively distribute your room inventory to the OTAs you’re connected to
  • Includes comprehensive business analytics so you can make data-based decisions
  • Has a payment processor so you can get paid as soon as a guest confirms their reservation
  • Serves as an efficient guest CRM to manage past and present guest data and special requests  

There are also numerous guest feedback platforms available that will make your job even easier.

Good reputation management tools offer real-time notifications whenever your hotel is mentioned online

Often collecting all relevant information and dissecting variables such as negative reviews, strengths and weaknesses, general sentiment, and guest experience on one convenient dashboard.

Collecting feedback from customers and give attention to negative feedback is important.

This will help you in your day-to-day operations of the hotel . And it will help also when you report back to an owner, group manager, or even a board member.

You have all the evidence you need at the click of a button.

With positive and neutral reviews, it’s a good best practice to respond within 24 hours. Since reviews are moderated by the review site,

you want to respond quickly, while the review is still top of mind with your guests. You should respond to negative hotel reviews ASAP (within 24 hours), once you’ve researched the details of the guest’s stay.

Responding as quickly as possible is one more step you can take toward repairing your relationship with an unhappy guest.

It will also minimize the number of prospective guests that see the review online without your response.

When it comes to reviewing responses, more communication is almost always better than less.

When you take feedback from your customers, you can use it in personalizing the experience.

It allows hotels to make when asking for feedback allows you to customize your approach and customer service based on the guest personas that you have identified at your property.

If your group sales strategy focuses on weddings, family reunions, or sports teams, why not create a specific survey for their feedback?

Customized surveys allow you to ask specific questions and obtain the information you need to attract more group bookings.

You can also ask for opinions on ideas, new services, and concepts you are considering to trial.

Surveys will help you in analyzing when your hotel needs an upgrade.

These types of tailored surveys show groups that you are considering their needs and actively working to create the best possible experience for them.

In the end, I hope all the above-discussed approaches Hopefully, these proven strategies have given you a good idea of how to gather, use, and celebrate guest feedback in all its forms.

With a few small changes to your approach, you can dramatically increase the number of guests who are providing feedback and create stronger guest relationships.

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Comment your ideas and suggestion in the comment box.

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