How to get more corporate bookings in hotels

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Corporate travelers have always significantly contributed to hotel revenues. Every year, their share is growing. It is therefore vital to have strategy to influence more corporate hotel reservations.

As businesses are going global so traveling for business is increasing. This category has enough potential of making more hotel bookings possible.

For hotel properties like yours, it is the excellent time to target these corporate guests and focus on aspects such as corporate hotel booking.

You want to be able to find and attract new business travelers to your hotel. You want to make sure that you keep your current corporate guests as happy as possible.

The following is a list of solutions that you can use to learn how to sell hotel rooms to corporates.

Implementing these solutions can help you build relationships with a corporate guest in hotels, as well as with the businesses that frequently require their staff to travel.

1 improve your online presence

2 What type of companies are on your target

3 Loyalty Programs And Provide Special Offers

4  Check-in and Check-Out Fast and Easy?

5 Make your booking taking ways business-friendly

6 Offering transportation facility

Whilst having an attractive website is likely to impress both corporate and leisure guests. The content is an easy opportunity to show off your assets   It gives an opportunity to target corporate travelers specifically.

 In the content, you must tell about those amenities that are of particular interest to corporate guests.

An excellent way of doing this is to have a “Business Amenities” page on your website.

Some examples of amenities that could be included on this sort of page are complimentary printing, copy and fax facilities, extra-large work desks, cordless phones, electronic safes with space for a laptop, meeting spaces, and luggage storage.

The amenities that you list do not have to be things that are only offered to corporate guests, rather things that you think will be particularly valuable to them.

 When marketing for corporate hotel bookings, it is important to make sure that you are targeting the right companies and individuals.

 Approach companies that have relatively large staff and send their employees on work trips- to conventions, trade shows, etc. on a regular basis. They will grow corporate bookings in hotels.

Marketing corporate hotel rooms to companies that don’t need to travel are wasted time and money.

Focus on the right businesses and individuals throughout your marketing efforts — both online and offline, and you will likely see greater results.

Additionally, by providing the right packages, rates and amenities can up your hotel booking for corporates and ensure a more satisfying customer experience for corporate guests.

To promote corporate hotel reservations, we need to keep utility, value for money, and the convenience of corporate guests in mind.

A wide variety of products, services, and amenities with flexible conditions during booking is more likely to appeal to a corporate guest in hotels.

One of the best ways to get repeat corporate guests at the hotel is by offering loyalty programs for those who stay at the property multiple times and by providing special offers and discounts to show them that you value their patronage.

It will help in increasing corporate bookings in hotels.

 Companies and individuals alike want to save money and if you can offer them special deals, they are more likely to stick with your hotel when they travel.

Make sure that they are aware of these offers and programs so that they know just how much they could save by choosing you.

One of the hurdles that many hotels deal with is a slow check-in and check-out process, which is also a big inconvenience to corporate guests.

It is important to ensure that everything at the front desk is simple and streamlined. So that the guests do not end up waiting in line any longer than they need to.

Simplifying this process will give them a better impression of their experience.

Corporate bookings are often made online, so ensuring that you have an excellent booking engine is essential.

In addition to this, make sure that this is connected dynamically to your reservations calendar – repeat business is often likely with corporate guests,

if you lose their booking or double book their room they are pretty unlikely to come back. Once this is set up it should be easy to run, and will save you both time and effort!

In addition to this, people traveling for business often check their bookings on-the-go.

it is important to make sure that they have this information easily accessible. Email confirmations are a very effective way of doing this. As many corporate guests will check these on smartphones.

Even better, why not send your guests an automatic welcome email a few days before they arrive?

That way, they won’t have to hunt through their emails to find their booking with you!

Many business travelers do not want to rent a vehicle when they arrive if they don’t have to.

It’s another added expense and a hassle they would prefer not to deal with. Most guests will find it inconvenient to get around a new city even if they did have a rental car.

To reduce these challenges and improve customer satisfaction you may want to consider offering transportation services.

Transportation to and from the airport, shuttle service or a hired car service to get to the places 

Corporate guests could be an excellent source of business, especially if you can attract an entire company.

By taking a few simple steps, which should be supported by your property management system. You can win a reliable stream of business with minimal effort. It will help in increasing corporate bookings in hotels.

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Comment your ideas and suggestion in the comment box.

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