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How to maintain hygiene in your hotel

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Do you know that hygiene in your hotel can make or break your Hotel customer base?

Maintaining hygiene in your hotel is important to flourish your business, it impresses your guests and ensures their return to your hotel.

The standard should be maintained so that there is no fall in expectations.

By following some standard cleaning practices you can attract new guests and earn more revenue from your Hotel business.

So I am discussing some methods of cleaning and some areas in the hotel where you have to take care of hygiene.

The Upholstery is fabric and padding that covers your furniture like sofas, stool, etc are covered with upholstery fabric.

Upholstery cleaning is the process of cleaning the fabric that upholsters your furniture. It requires special types of equipment

The inspection of any tear or damage is done. Then the fabric is a vacuum, condition, rinse, and vacuum dry.

Barrier terminates procedures are designed to avoid the entry of termites into the system.

Such treatments discourage termites that are already within the system from entering the soil in order to get the requisite moisture to survive.

They are commonly applied as a form of barrier treatment.

These types of barriers work by keeping termites away from a structure and killing those penetrating the area being treated.

Fumigation is a pest control system that fills an area entirely with gaseous pesticides to kill and suffocate the pests inside it.

This method also affects the structure itself, affecting pests, such as dry wood termites, which inhabit the physical structure.

It refers to the use of cleaning methods and items with environmentally sustainable materials and procedures intended to maintain the integrity of the human health environment.

It avoids the use of products that use toxic chemicals.

Steam cleaning involves using steam for cleaning.

The uses include domestic applications for floor washing and removal of household wastes.

When using without soap, detergents, or other cleaning products, it is an eco-friendly way of cleaning.

Here I have listed areas in a hotel and how to maintain hygiene here.

  1. Hotel Reception
  2. Guest Room
  3. Guest Washroom
  4. Conference Centre
  5. Swimming Pool
  6. Spa and Leisure facilities
  7. Dining Hall and Kitchen
  8. Parking Area

This is the first place a guest visits while entering a hotel and as we know the first impression is crucial for any business.

An untidy reception room repels guests and leaves a negative impact. 

  1. Make it stand out from your competitors by using room fresheners as the smell can affect the mood of your guests.
  2. Regularly sanitize floors, walls and everything that is in your reception room.
  3. Make sure no damage or old picture, showpiece, furniture or anything is there.
  4. Fabric seat cushions should stay stain free.
  5. Reception staff should follow a dress code and have a welcoming attitude.

Guests presume that the room they enter will be clean and maintain some standards. They have a certain set of expectations.

Dusting is not enough as bacterias and viruses still reside there. So cleaning with diluted bleach and cleaners is important to disinfect the area.

  1. Change bed sheets, pillowcases, curtains, before the arrival of guests.
  2. Disinfect floor of the room, windows and everything in the room with the use of proper sanitizers.
  3. Items that are mostly in use should be properly clean like remote control, switches, tables, etc. to kill bacterias.

As the washroom is moist and hence bacterias can easily build up there so it is crucial you keep it clean and maintain its hygiene.

  1. Open washroom ventilation, sweep floors then mop it with the help of a good cleaner.
  2. Provide toilet seat cleaners to limit the number of germs spread.
  3. Replace towel, body wash, hand wash, shampoo, oil, conditioner, dustbin linen with new ones.
  4. Sanitize washroom door, window and change doormat.
  5. Use thermoglide steam mop. It uses replaceable microfibre cloths and continuous steam vapor to kill bacteria and clean too.
  6. Toilet cleaners are available in liquid form containing strong hydrochloric acid, they remove stains and restores the shine of the surface.

 Meeting rooms are used by professionals.

So to leave a positive impact on them and enhance the brand value it is important to maintain hygiene in your hotel conference room.

  1. Keep cables out of sight, trash cans to be empty and the room is free of odor.
  2. Wipe down windows and surfaces of the conference room with the use of good cleaners.
  3. Clean air sprays use for freshening air by removing the smell of tobacco, smoke, and organic wastes.

There is nothing more relaxing than a cool dip in the pool on a hot summer day.

To maintain the hygiene in your hotel swimming pool and keep its longevity cleaning your pool is important.

  1. Clean water of the pool in every 3-4 days, remove leaves from the water with the help of leaves catcher.
  2. Scrub and clean the bottom of the pool. Check for the slippery floor.
  3. To keep it free from causing skin infection to add some chlorine in the pool water
  4. Sanitize changing rooms regularly.
  5. TCCA-90 granules or tablets, hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, and alum use these cleaners to kill bacteria and algae.

To maintain the brand reputation it is essential to sanitize spa and other leisure places of your hotel.

Regular cleaning helps prevent the spread of illness, diseases, respiratory conditions and even intestinal disorders.

  1. It is important that pieces of equipment are thoroughly clean before use.
  2. Proper sanitization of the room is done every day.
  3. Towels and other spa linen should be clean regularly. 
  4. Use scented room freshers to keep room odor-free.

Bad hygiene practices in the kitchen area can lead to a bad review and the bad reputation of your hotel.

The dining area needs regular cleaning before the working hours start as well as when the guests’ restaurant staff request cleaning.

  1. The use of gloves, aprons, and caps while preparing food should be compulsory for hotel staff.
  2. Ensure staff provides with correct handwashing facilities and train them the correct way of washing hands and food before preparation of food.
  3. Cross-contamination can occur so to avoid this disinfect regularly surface area of work.
  4. Give your staff hand-wash, towels, tissue papers, dustbin, etc.
  5. Disinfect dining tables and chairs regularly.
  6. Replace all dirty table linen with fresh ones.

A clean parking lot says a lot about your hotel operations and the security of the area.

The clean parking lot prevents the problem of pests.

Rough parts and potholes in the parking area can hamper the safety of your guests.

  1. With the use of a broom and other sweeping equipment sweep the floor of the parking area.
  2. Remove surface dirt and debris from the parking area.
  3. Lighting and damage repair are vital to safety and security.

In the end, every hotel wants to maintain its reputation and earn revenues.

And to achieve this maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of every area of the hotel is important.

Sanitization provides a healthy stay in the hotel and contributes to positive hotel reviews.

Proper maintenance of hygiene and proper ventilation of clean air in the hotel enhance guest’s satisfaction and happy memories they want to share with others.

Please share views in the comment box.

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