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How Google Add-ons Can Be Used On Your Hotel Website

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Since 2015 Google has occupied 90% of the search engine. Whenever people want to search for anything, they just search for it on Google.

How can the hotel industry get the effect of it? 

Let’s understand it this way. Suppose anyone wants to search for the best hotel in the city or a nearby hotel in the city. If your hotel ranking is fine, then it will appear in top searches. 

Not only this but if your hotel website is registered on Google business, then you will have the hotel’s business profile. Hence, we can say that Google is playing a vital role in the hotel industry.

Apart from the higher ranking of your hotel website in the Google search engine, there are many other ways that Google is helpful in hotel growth.

If you want to build your hotel website then QloApps is free hotel booking software, which will help you to launch a hotel website.

There are multiple QloApps Google modules to help in the growth of the hotel. Let’s know about them one by one

If you want to increase the sale of the hotel, then Google translation is very important. Customers can easily read the website in their local language. Google translate helps to convert the hotel’s website into a user-friendly language.

If you want to translate your hotel website, QloApps Google Translate is one of the best options. 

With QloApps Google Translate addon, the customer can translate hotel website content in seconds. 

With this addon, the user can translate the PDF fields like booking invoices, cancellations, refund forms, email templates, and error messages.

Registration on the hotel website takes a lot of time. In filling out the long hotel forms, the auto-fill address addon helps customers to fill forms in a shorter time.

QloApps have a QloApps Auto-fill Address Form addon that helps customers to fill the form automatically. The address can be filled automatically with the pinpoint of the location on Google maps.

The address includes all the details like street, city, state, and country. This module is beneficial for hoteliers and customers both.

This addon will increase the speed of the booking and save the customer time. Additionally, the error is also reduced due to automatic addresses while booking.

Google has developed an image type called WebP. It is smaller in size and loads faster than JPG and PNG. It makes the website lighter and loads fast.

The reduced size of the Google Web image makes the website run faster. It improves the customer experience. Any type of image format can be converted into a WebP image.

QloApps Google WebP image module helps to get the WebP images in seconds for your hotel’s website. In this addon, you will get special converter options for PNG and JPEG images.

Google Pay Payment is a payment service started by Google. It aims for contactless and online payment methods. It is simple and easy to use. While making a payment, Google Pay asks for the PIN for security purposes before the transaction.

QloApps Google pay is an addon that allows you to pay on the checkout page of QloApps. This add-on has the test mode also. Therefore, you can check the working of the addon in test mode before starting the real transactions.

Google provides safe and secure payment processing that wins customer trust. Hence, it is one of the reliable options for payment processing.

Google Calendar is the service provided by Google to manage scheduling and time. In the hotel industry, Google Calendar is used to mark the room booking in the calendar. 

It is also used to check the check-in time and the checkout time along with the room type. Overall, it keeps the track of the booking.

QloApps Google Calendar Sync is used to manage the complete bookings of the hotel. We can check the number of bookings in the Google calendar. 

Not only this, but it will also show the room type, room number, check-in, check-out date, and time. The addon will create a separate calendar for the admin and the customer to avoid confusion.

Google reCAPTCHA is the service by Google to protect the website from spam. reCAPTCHA provides safety and security for the website. It asks the user to enter any type of hard-reading code. It will verify that the user is a human, not any bot.

QloApps Google reCAPTCHA is a QloApps free reservation system addon that provides security and safety to the hotel website.

The admin can add the reCAPTCHA on the form pages of the website like the login page, address page, and registration page. After using this add-on, you can save your website from external threats.

QloApps Google module helps to enrich your hotel website with its seamless services. Hence, we can say that Google modules provide good services to your hotel website. That results in increasing the customer base and their experience.

That’s all from the How QloApps Google Module can be used on your hotel website. I hope you like our blog.

If you want to create a hotel website, QloApps is a free hotel booking software. Try out the QloApps Google Module and share your experience. 

Also, you can ask your query on our QloApps forum.

Thanks for reading our blog.

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