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How hotels use a smartphone for safer guest stay?

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Hoteliers are switching to a smartphone for safer guest stay in their hotel. Pandemic has changed the old ways of booking and managing the hotel.

It gives rise to the use of smartphones for managing hotel operations.

When you use smartphones to manage your hotel there is no need to come face to face with other staffs and guests.

You can handle every task while maintaining a distance.

Eventually, it will keep your guest and hotel staff safe. Consequently, it will have a positive impact on your guests.

Hence, they are more likely to visit your hotel in future and recommend it to others.

Further, it offers many benefits to both staff and guests.

Hotel staff can connect and assist guests with finding locations, sending notification of offers, marketing and sales.

Hence, it increases the hotel’s bookings, and guests will also benefit from the offers and packages.

smartphone for safer guest stay

Here are the reasons you must take a look at why one must use a smartphone for safer guest stay.

When people enter into a hotel, they have to stand in a queue for check-in.

Naturally, at this moment, you don’t want a gathering of people at the front desk or anywhere else in your hotel.

To avoid this and maintain social distancing in the time of the pandemic, mobile check-ins and check-outs are a must.

Guest check-in via their phones. The staff scans the guest’s ID and after scanning the information of guest automatically enter into the backend.

The mobile camera scan visitor’s ID and store all the related information of the guest.

Moreover, guest can make payments from their mobile phone.

It makes the check-in process simpler and at a fast pace.

As everything happens without touching each other, it eliminates the spread of the virus.

Because everything is possible from a mobile phone, guest can check-out from any other location they find convenient.

In this technology, the hotel guests will use a cell phone to unlock room doors.

This technology can easily be activated on mobile phones of the guest without visiting the reception desk.

It is similar to self-check-in technology, where guests obtain a code from which they gain control of their room door on their mobile app.

Hence, guests will not have to touch their room doors to open it. Further, if guest loose their room-key, they can use it to open door.

For the safety of guests, the user must ensure guests benefit from the outlets of the hotels for a safer experience.

It must take serious actions before welcoming their guests.

Plastic menus and desk phones can spread the virus as they are common items that all guests touch and create the possibility of spreading viruses.

It is not possible to sanitize them every time a person uses them.

So, to protect guests and staffs, mobile F&B order system creates a natural social distance between them.

There are other additional benefits one can get from Mobile F&B orders.

They eliminate language barrier, wrong delivery of an order, eliminates misunderstanding and many more.

For reducing the risk of the spreading Covid-19 virus, managing housekeeping efficiently is crucial.

You can manage housekeeping from mobile makes it easier to coordinate from afar.

The rooms can easily be allocated to housekeeping staff in no time and can change the status of the room.

Further, it decreases the time between check-ins and check-out process because of better coordination room clean at a faster pace.

The app makes it easier to manage the housekeeping function.

It makes it simple to organize the housekeeping staff’s efforts, and to get room updates, and more.

Without coming in close contact with other staffs of the hotel, management and cleaning of the hotel and its rooms is done on time.

Maintaining social distance is essential in this time of the pandemic.

Using mobile apps for the management of the front desk of the hotel makes easier coordination among staffs of the hotel.

The staff will also work stress-free because social distancing is maintained.

They are assigned certain areas, without the need to share a workstation. It reduces the chances to spread the virus.

Not only does this minimize risk as a result of COVID, but it can also provide more reliable and effective management all around.

Additionally, the front desk workers will find that it is easier to maintain distance.

The employees will not have to share the same room, allowing them and the guests to remain separate from each other.

For the visitors and those who work at the hotel, it helps to ensure better protection.

Management does not have to be in the same room any longer and hold meetings with the workers.

Now they can easily coordinate through mobile apps.

Guests want to enjoy in your hotel. They want to buy food and drinks from the restaurant.

People who are visiting for business purpose willing to use business space of the hotel.

Going to the hotel restaurant and buying food and drink is not advisable.

One must avoid it to protect oneself from getting infected from the virus.

Hence, pocket PMS will come for your rescue in this situation.

You can order food and drinks while maintaining social distancing. It will allow real-time invoicing and payments.

Further, you can also refund money if needed.

We can say that in times of pandemic it is advisable to use a smartphone for safer guest stay.

You can use manage everything from a distance. Thus, the safety of staff and guests are not at stake.

It shows you are concern about the health of your hotel’s guest.

Please share views in the comment box.

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