How a kitchen order ticketing play a vital role in the hotel industry?

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The kitchen order ticketing is a modern technology that makes hotel operations simple and easy to operate.

It has made major changes in the way how orders are placed in a restaurant of a hotel.

It establishes coordination among staffs of kitchen and hotel, facilitates control and establishes accountability.

Further, it helps to prevent chaos or misunderstanding at the counter.

You can integrate hotel kitchen ordering ticket with the property management system so that your orders reach the specific kitchen quickly.

For instance, Indian, continental, etc.

Each item in the menu links to a specific kitchen from which the dishes will prepare.

Hotel is using kitchen order system

In simple words, when a customer places an order is called a kitchen order ticket.

In restaurants of a hotel when its guests order the food, the point of sale system prints ticket.

This ticket is then submitted to the kitchen and, all the order material inside the POS is kept.

Information in note contains table number, food and drinks ordered with their quantities, timing.

And any specifications regarding the cooking of any dish.

It is then possible to use this information to produce regular sales data and more.

Many times it happens when hotels use the traditional system that staff takes the order of a dish and, the chef starts preparing for it.

Then, within 10 minutes another customer order the same dish and chef again have to prepare the same dish.

Eventually, it will double the efforts of the chef, and it is also time-consuming.

When you use a kitchen order system, the process of restaurant service will speed up.

If there is a kitchen display system that organises the order flow and prioritises them in a tidy fashion.

Time spent by the server in bringing down and getting an order to the kitchen is saved.

Thus, customers will be happy with their services.

When hotels use kitchen order ticket manually any error on the part of staff or chef will have a wrong impact on customers.

Further, a lot of time is spent writing down the instructions manually and moving them to separate locations.

Digitalizing the procedure decreases the chances of human mistakes.

The front and back of the house are in full harmony with digital kitchen order tickets.

A kitchen order ticketing automates restaurant ordering software.

It ensures that orders posted on online portals are approving directly at the Point Of Sale.

After the kitchen order ticketing is automatically generating and printing in the kitchen.

In the traditional or manual method, the waiter takes an order and send one of its copy in the kitchen.

Moreover, the day end, they send it to the audit department.

All these will take a lot of time, and chances of manual errors are also high.

But, when you are using software for management of kitchen task.

Yet kitchen control tech, on the other hand, makes this whole process smooth.

The orders are simply put into the machine, after which the KOT is producing automatically.

It also serves as a kitchen inventory system which guarantees that material handling is performed correctly.

Besides, nearly every restaurant POS software is currently touchscreen-enabled, so they do not require special training.

And are as simple to use as your smartphone.

Hence, staffs will find it easy to operate with very little on-site training.

The new and advance POS cloud restaurant is easy and does not take a large space in your restaurant.

You won’t need to spend much when the billing apps are merged with the KOT feature.

This is typically inexpensive and affordable. Overall, it helps to flourish in business and earn profits.

On the POS system, all incoming orders are handle from a central location, from anywhere in the kitchen.

Orders neatly arrange on the computer specifying the order time.

Also, in the case of chains of restaurants which has outlets in different locations.

It simplifies the effort of management as they can keep the operations in check by their business on the cloud.

Thus, the reporting is on real-time and derive meaningful conclusions from data.

They can also make more inform decisions with real-time reports and insights reporting.

When you are using the manual system, then staff have to do more hard work.

But with the automates kitchen software, it brings down the manual task.

Thus, it ultimately reduces the labour cost.

Further, with kitchen order ticketing, everything is store in a systematic manner. It also stores the details of stocks and sales.

In departments, thefts also control as the owners can keep a check on the inflow and outflow of raw materials.

When you are using technology instead of paper to note down the orders by customers, you are saving trees.

By going paperless, hotels are reducing their dependence on the trees, resulting in a reduction in deforestation.

Hence, you are protecting and maintaining the environment for future generations.

Further, all the orders are display on the Kitchen Display System, which digitalize your Kitchen Order Ticket System.

As a result, no extra food is prepared, which ultimately reduces waste.

After going through the points and explanations listed above, that explains why automated kitchen order ticketing is better.

Than conventional or manual systems. It not only organizes the flow and speed-up the process.

But also by digitalizing, the procedure decreases the chances of human mistakes.

Kitchen staffs will find it easy to operate with very little on-site training.

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