How hotels can increase their revenue parity by destination promotion

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The Millennial traveler is not just looking for a comfortable hotel but wants a complete experience.

They want their stay at the hotel to be memorable, put up exclusive pictures on their social feeds, indulge in local cuisine, and have a unique experience.

So how can hotels lure these customers to their property?

How to entice customers with the promise of a memorable experience?

It’s actually not that hard but just requires a little extra effort.

Hotels need to use various mediums to ensure that they do not just advertise the property but also highlight information about the city and the various activities that take place locally.

This should be regularly updated. A potential customer needs to look no further than the hotel’s website to have information about the property, the city, and local activities.

Here are 5 ways which can help you:

Ensure that your website and social pages have high-quality pictures and videos that capture unique aspects and features of the property as well as the city.

The pictures should not just be basic pictures depicting a room, bathroom or swimming pool, but create an angle or story around them.

Ensure that the pictures are taken professionally because this is the first impression that a potential guest has of your property.

Guests love the ability to see a complete view of a property they are researching to stay at, it gives them the security of having a feel of the place before even going there.

With 2.16 billion mobile users across the globe, it’s no surprise that most online bookings are now done via a Smartphone.

Hotels should ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly and are easy to navigate. The website should cover ample information about the property as well as the destination.

An added bonus is if the property has its own app which a customer can download.

Many hotels now have a mobile app that provides local information to their guests so all required information is there at the tips of their fingers.

Hotels should ensure that they interact with their potential guests via their various social media.

Look at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, websites, etc as a two-way communication with the guests. Ensure that all queries, concerns, feedback are promptly responding.

This shall create the extra personal touch encouraging the guest to choose that particular property.

They would feel comforted with the idea that the hotel does ‘listen’ and would take care of them.

 Instead of advertisements, hotels should use blogs, and trip reviews’ as a way to highlight a facet of the hotel and city.

Well managed content management is very effective and extremely cost-effective.

Hotels can use content management to deliver valuable information to their clients. And thus get rewards for their business and guest loyalty.

Ensure that the blogs and reviews are available on various social mediums which thereby drive traffic to the hotel’s website.

Hotels should be the one point contact for anything potential guests plan to do locally during their stay.

Hotels can offer various local experiences on their websites ranging from city tours, local dining, adventure sports, etc.

If the hotel can offer most of the things that a guest is looking for. They don’t need to shop around for other properties.

By using the above cost effective mentioned tips. Hotels can motivate potential guests to choose their property and thus increase their RevPar.

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