How Does the Diwali festival boost the hospitality industry?

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Diwali is one of the main festivals in India. It is the festival of lights, celebration, and harmony. Diwali festival importance for hotel can be seen because it gives profit to the hospitality industry.

Diwali festival importance for hotel

We can also say it gives a boom to complete the Indian economy too. A mass of people travels before the Diwali festival like students, and employees for going to their homes.

Many people take the combined leaves and move to the hotels and resorts that organize the Diwali celebration.

The hotels take this as an opportunity because a large number of people become mobile pre-Diwali. If anyone is traveling for a long distance then they can stay in the hotel in the middle of the journey.

For this, they have a room booking for a day then on the next day they continue their journey.

During the Diwali season, a large number of international visitors also visit India because they like to see the culture of India and how the festival is celebrated. Hence, the Diwali festival importance for hotel arises.

Tourists came to India to experience the Diwali vibe. International tourists plan the trip and book a hotel room as per the itineraries. The cultural programs conducted by the hotels attract people.

Many Indian families plan to stay in the hotels for the festival celebration. They have their family get-together for the festival celebration. People come, stay in the hotel with their dear ones and celebrate the festivals.

There are many methods to attract tourists during the Diwali festival and give your customer another level of experience. Let them feel the vibe of Indian culture and the festival.

As we already know, before starting anything new, first make a strategy for it. It includes vital points like knowing your customer, what is the age of the customer ( young crowd, middle age group, or senior citizen)

Once you know your customer you can organize things accordingly. According to it, you can manage your budget. How much you are going to invest and what profit you can earn. Plan all these parameters before stepping into any festival celebration.

To make the program successful for Diwali issue some discount offers, and coupons. Try to make some family packages and special discounts for children.

This will attract the family-oriented crowd.

But it is important to do the advertisement of the discount and offers. Then only it will be useful if most of the booking is done in advance.

Now after the discount and strategy, the point comes is what will be the room price.

It is very uncertain to fix the room price. The room prices vary at a very high rate. It changes according to demand and the nearest date of booking.

It is totally up to the hotelier to set the room price according to the date and season. There is no fixed definition and strategy to set the room price. If you want to learn more about the pricing strategy click here.

Try to conduct small activities and programs in the hotel during the festival days. Along with this, add ethnic and cultural shops and stalls in the hotel.

These attract the crowd to purchase traditional items for them. It can be worship idols, decorative items, and many others.

You can plan small activities like dance, drama, and play related to Diwali. You can also think of the rituals like some Diwali prayers.

In brief, make the guest feel Indian culture to the next level. So when they leave the hotel they think to come back next year. This is how you can retain your customer.

Gift-giving, especially during festivals like Diwali, is a terrific method to create strong and lasting connections with customers.

Diwali festival importance for hotel gift

Your guests will feel appreciated and valued if you give them gifts. And that is precisely what motivates hotels to develop a beloved brand.

So, if you’re hoping to host visitors and make Diwali special, spend on some nice presents.

Intense advertisement is done through a variety of platforms throughout the Diwali season to connect to the ideal market of people who want to relax.

Digital media is one of the primary ways to connect with customers. This type of marketing includes running campaigns and promotional offers, giving special discounts on hotel rooms for reservations, etc.

Additionally, encourage visitors and people to enjoy Diwali peacefully with lights and treats while avoiding firecrackers, loud noises, and pollution.

When the hotel organizes the Diwali event in the hotel then there are benefits behind this. The hotel earns a large profit and branding during the festive season.

Let’s discuss the benefit of hotels for organizing and managing Diwali.

High Sale Conversion

During the festive season, a large number of bookings are done and almost the rooms are full. The hotel that organize the Diwali festival public get attracted them and had the booking done.

Diwali festival importance for hotel

This results in high sales for the hotel. That’s why the Diwali festival importance for hotel can be seen.

Advertisement and branding

When you do advertisements about the Diwali celebration of your hotel, it will gain popularity among the tourist.

You can use the Diwali celebration images and videos for digital marketing. When the customer returns from your hotel they should share positive customer feedback, so that you can use it as a successful customer story and in testimonials.

Past customers will share their experiences with their friends and relatives. They will tell their friends what they like about your services and hospitality. This word-of-mouth marketing is very beneficial for the hotel.

That’s all for “How Does the Diwali festival boost the hospitality industry?”

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