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How digital forms can increase bookings of your hotel?

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If your hotel occupancy is low then you can use digital forms to increase its bookings.

Many countries are still facing the wrath of covid-19.

But, there are countries where a large number of vaccines are distributed and people are eager to travel and reengage with others.

They are slowly resuming their post-pandemic life.

But, still there is fear among them regarding their health and safety.

Hence, to eradicate this fear you must prepare your hotel. And digital forms are one such way to do the same.

Let’s first understand in brief what are digital form, its features and how you can create a checklist.

digital forms

A digital form is a data collection system that works similarly to a paper form, except they are available in an electronic format.

It provides the ability to record a large range of data that is not available with paper forms.

It aids in the completion of a task by ensuring uniformity and completeness.

  • It arranges information clearly and gives you an overview of what tasks you need to do.
  • It aids in the management of paper waste.
  • You can keep your data safe in the cloud with digital forms.
  • This information is easily disseminated to the organization’s members and views anytime from any location.
  • It delivers more accuracy and saves time.
  • Write the name of the checklist according to the purpose of its creation.
  • Create a separate section for the date/date range.
  • Add the status of the task( completed or work-in-progress)
  • Add the due date of the task.

In this blog, I try to break down ways to increase bookings of your hotel through digital forms. Let’s have a look.

In the hotel and hospitality industry maintaining a reputation is crucial to get high ratings and influx revenue.

This pandemic changes everything.

Thus, we don’t have clue what guests will prefer or what their expectations are from the hotel.

So, to better understand their needs and to remain on the top of the game, you can conduct a survey.

Yes, conducting an expert-certified hotel feedback survey aids in finding out what they think about their stay.

Moreover, it helps you understand what your visitors want from you regarding transmission prevention and safety measures.

Here come the digital forms as a solution that conveniently and instantly gather responses to the surveys.

Creating it is very simple and quick. Just drag and drop the template and use your logo.

Choose a bunch of questions to better understand your guest’s concerns about their safety.

For instances, do their want to scan QR code to make orders and payments in the hotel restaurant?

What are their cleaning preferences? Like, do they want their bedsheets to change every day of their stay?

This way, guests will also know you are prioritising their safety and it builds a good image of your brand.

Hotel employees may use digital checklist forms to assist them to execute and comply with a strict strategy. 

The digital checklist helps them to divide and prioritise task in chunks.

This means they will know which task they have to complete at the earliest and which task you can delegate to someone else.

Thus, when everything is planned one can manage their task in time without any hassle.

It also guides them in knowing where they are lacking and things they need to take care of to improve their performance.

So that the overall performance of the hotel can be improved. 

Moreover, the psychological benefits of making lists include a sense of accomplishment,

In establishing them and checking off to-do items when they are completed.

It’s always said that to make customers choose you among your competitors, you have to exceed the expectations of your customers.

When you perform an online survey to collect guest preferences, you will use the results to create routines that will keep your visitors safe and healthy.

And in this time of the pandemic, their safety should be your topmost priority.

The form’s result guide supervisors regarding practices they should follow to keep visitors and staffs happy and content with their services.

These digital forms (digital checklists) help hotel staff to enact and stick to a precise strategy.

It helps them to keep a track of their work and make sure they didn’t forget a thing.

With an online template, it’s simple to create a checklist of tasks that need to be addressed. And designate a schedule for them.

Do you know it costs five to eight times more to acquire a new guest than it does to keep a current one? 

When data of the customer is scattered across multiple channels, then staffs will face difficulty in delivering a better experience to customers.

With a digital checklist containing all the information of customer’s preferences and needs.

Regarding sanitization and using innovative technologies in the time of pandemic of the hotel and their room in particular.

You can deliver standardised services. 

This will not only increase the chance of personalization but also increase productivity.

It’s simpler to expand marketing activities and target the appropriate customers at the appropriate time with digital forms.

We can conclude that digital forms are a data collection system available in electronic format.

By using digital forms employees can execute and comply with a strict strategy.

They will know where they are lagging behind and what needs to be done for improving the performance.

They can easily live up to guest’s expectations and retain guests.

Please share views in the comment box.

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