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Travel Technology and Consumer Behaviour are Changing Other

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Nowadays anyone does not stand for hours in a queue at the ticket counter for bookings. At an exponential rate, consumer behaviour and travel technology are changing frequently each other.

Since online booking started the ticket booking of trains, aircraft, and many others is become a left-hand game.

Consumer behaviour and travel technology

Consumer behaviour and travel technology are interlinked with each other. With more advances in technology, the consumer wants more ease in the traveling journey.

With the technological advancement in traveling and hospitality, there is a major change in customer behavior.

Here we are telling you about the factors that how technology and consumer behavior change each other.

Nowadays hotels, flights, trains,s and cabs can be booked easily online. They can do the bookings from their website.

One can see the number of available seats on the portal. Along with this, they can redeem any kind of coupon while doing online payments.

There are websites of the hotels giving all the details of the hotel. After reading which customer can know where they are going to stay? What food they will get? and what are the amenities of the hotel?

This online booking protects the customer from the last-minute rush. As well as, they are relax too as they already did the booking and payment for the stay also their booking is confirm.

When any customer does the booking online they can search the hotel and flights as per their requirements.

For example, if any customer wants to travel in business class they can do so, or if they want the window seat on the flight they have to pay a little extra amount for it.

Moreover, customers can see the review of past customers and can know about their experiences. In recent days customers post images of the hotel and written their detailed experiences.

On that basis customers can their bookings.

Social media has grown up exponentially over the last decade. The people who travel to different destinations share their photos and videos on social media.

Not only this, many people take it as a regular job to visit different places and eat different kinds of cuisine and made vlogs of it and share it on social media.

Followers on their accounts see the images and the video. If they like it they can plan to that destination. Moreover, if they are planning to go to any place, they check social media and look for accommodations and food. On which they plan and book the hotel to stay.

Now customers want to stay connected with the hotel in all stages of the journey, before check-in, during the stay, and after checkout.

Ten years ago, people expected to be able to communicate with businesses or, in the case of hotels, make reservations through phone, fax, or computer.

People today expect to be able to access these same services on any device they happen to own. It can be it a tablet, phone, or even a smartwatch, anytime, anywhere. Currently, 47% of people own or plan to own a wearable device, according to PwC Global.

Hotels should use this as an opportunity to make sure that their services are usable on a variety of devices.

Technology has significantly improved our lives and provided us with new opportunities. However, it has also altered how individuals think.

After the vacation or trip when customers left for home they like to post the review on the website. Now there is no need for the pen and feedback log register. The reviews are nowadays posted online on the hotel website.

If the customers like the services and facilities as promised before they will write a positive comment on the website. This will be useful for hotel promotion and marketing.

If in case there is any negative comment, then reply politely to it. And take it as feedback and try to cover it in the future.

With the help of technology, customers can share their thoughts about the hotel. This also helps the hotelier cover the shortcoming.

This is not only for the hotels, but it is also for the travel companies too.

A traveler likes the self-check-in in the hotel room. They like that the room devices are connected to the wifi.

As guests come into the hotel room to relax and stay comfortable. If all the electronic devices are connected to the smartphone or any other device, they can easily operate them.

Also, this will save energy consumption, guest can easily switch off the unrequired electronic device. Also, if anyone is not in the room the lights and fan will get off automatically if one leaves the room.

Through technology, the hotelier and customers are taking steps toward sustainability.

That’s all for “How Consumer Behaviour And Travel Technology are Changing Each Other”

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