How a hotel can manage its different departments in 2021?

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After opening your hotel, manage its different departments in a way that guests feel safe to stay.

It is because safety will be the top priority for the majority of hotel guests.

We are already witnessing a hamper in travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hence, the revenue hotels were generating two years back is not even close to today’s revenue.

Thus, you will not want to lose more of it by not managing different departments.

Take extra care to deliver excellence, only then you can gain their trust. To encourage guests to visit your hotel time and again.

Hotels must ensure that they take all required steps to protect the guests and staff from getting infected.

Moreover, inform guests about your cleaning routines, social distancing norms, and modifications made to prioritise their health and safety.

manage different departments of hotel

Let’s have a look at ways to manage different departments of a hotel

It is the place where maximum interaction can happen among staff and guests.

The front office employees directly interact with visitors and manage operational duties such as check-ins and check-outs.

Maintain a safe physical distance while interacting with guests and wear masks at all times.

Use tape or paint to mark spaces on the floor to assist people in complying with physical distancing rules.

Inform guests about the safety measures and policies of the hotel they have to follow. Moreover, use signage to communicate safety protocols.

Be clear about what measures you will take.

And give clear instructions to staff on the steps they should follow if a guest develops symptoms of Covid-19.

For instance, quarantine them in another room, occupancy policies for accompanying persons suspected of having Covid-19.

The front-office staff should have emergency phone numbers for hospitals, health authorities, and transportation agencies.

Re-arrange things in the kitchen to make it function while maintaining hygiene and safety protocols.

If your budget allows, then you can re-design your kitchen. Otherwise, consider cost-effective solutions to achieve the objective.

Clearly define various tasks, such as cleaning and washing, preparing and food pick-up. Thus, the team does not intrude on each other’s work.

Staff working in the kitchen must practice cleanliness procedures and regularly wash their hands before wearing gloves and after removing them.

Pieces of equipment must be thoroughly clean before use.

Staff, particularly those whose work requires close contact with customers, must constantly wear a cloth mask to protect themselves and others.

Requests guests and stick signage to inform guests to use alcohol-based handwash to clean hands before and after having food.

Arrange dining table and chairs at a proper distance( at least 1 meter).

And if possible, then use the outdoors as a dining space to maintain a safe distance between guests.

Ideally, deliver food and beverages to the room of guests is a safer option.

It is advisable to avoid the buffet system.

Sanitize the kitchen and all the pieces of equipment every day as per local health guidelines. Regularly wash table cloths and curtains in hot water.

Make the use of gloves, and caps compulsory for hotel staff while cleaning for their safety.

Make sure the room is properly ventilated and air-conditioned.

Staff must wear PPE kits, medical masks and eye protection before cleaning rooms of an infected guest after they left the hotel.

Clean the touchpoints of the guest’s room with 70 per cent alcohol-based sanitiser.

Keep sealed bottles of water and other drinks such as minibar drinks.

Dusting is not enough to cleanroom surfaces with diluted bleach and cleaners to disinfect the area.

Items that are high in use should be clean, like remote control, switches, tables, etc., for the health and safety of guests.

It includes all the areas like swimming pools, gym, spa and more.

If your hotel has not closed its gym, spa and swimming pool, then you have to be very careful with the sanitization.

Moreover, have restrictions on the number of people entering the areas at the same time.

Consider using natural indoor ventilation in closed areas like opening windows, installing an exhaust fan.

Ventilation is crucial to prevent the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Indoor pools should have their ventilation, air exchange, and dehumidification systems for good functioning.

Use cleaners like hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, and alum to kill bacteria and algae in pools.

Change the water of the pool every 3-4 days.

All objects and surfaces that are touched often, should be identified and cleaned regularly.

The most important department among the different departments of the hotel.

It must provide alcohol-based hand rub dispensers, hand dryers, disposable tissue dispensers and other similar devices for proper sanitization.

Managers should regularly check that proper cleaning, and function is carried out.

Be supportive of your staff and consider their mental and physical health. Make sure everyone is vacciated.

You can train staff to use different types of cleaning equipment like upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning and

Give clear guidelines and training to employees regarding the operation of devices implementing in your hotel.

Also, train them ways to communicate the action plan to guests.

Offer materials, lectures, and other resources that emphasize the practices for Covid prevention to visitors and employees.

Cleaning staff must show environmentally appropriate behaviour to avoid waste management.

Because contaminated air, water, and the food chain impact health negatively.

Answer all the questions hotel customers asking related to covid-19 appropriate behaviour, cancellations, bookings and more.

Answer their queries everywhere possible, whether on social media websites or hotel’s websites.

Maintain and manage the hygiene of different departments of your hotel.

It flourishes your business, impresses your guests and ensures their return to your hotel.

By following some standard cleaning practices you can attract old as well as new guests and earn sufficient revenue from your Hotel business.

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