UX Mistakes You Are Making On Your Hotel Websites

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Do you know you are making some UX mistakes on your Hotel websites which cause your business to suffer?

If you want to grow your Hotel business then the first thing you should keep in mind is how much user friendly is your website is.

The good UX design is a must for your hotel website for better user experience.

Subtle flaws are not visible at first glance but they can lead to a decrease in conversion rates.

So here I am going to list some common UX mistakes that are generally found in the hotel websites-:

  1. Not adopting the site for users
  2. Slow loading gallery page
  3. Bad quality images
  4. Not being responsive
  5. Sticking large headers on the top of the webpage
  6. An innumerable amount of pop-ups
  7. Redesigning after A/B testing
  8. Not putting popular pages at first
  9. Giving unnecessary tutorials after login into the new app
  10. Discouraging discounts
  11. Overload of information
  12. Not using universal icons

Users want the information in that language which they understand and prices in their country’s currencies.

It is important that visitors to your site understand pricing.

 And they should not have to work to make the site relevant to them.

Hence the site should be designed in a way that will detect user location and deliver information to them accordingly.

Images play a crucial role in the hotel booking, that’s why the gallery is one of the most viewed pages on the Hotel’s website.

Most people also want to look for specific images of your Hotel-like amenities, location, interiors, etc.

One easy way to lose people’s interest is a slow loading gallery page.

So, designers should use tools to improve the speed of the website.

Images should not be of very low or very high resolution. It should be of the proper size to maximize the quality and load time.

The resolution of 1920*1080 pixels is appropriate to accommodate the large screen. 

Bad quality images receive the most negative reviews.

It is better to use the WebP format of images on your website.

You should ensure that website looks good in whatever gadget you are opening.

Unnecessary lag or confusion create opportunities for users to leave the website.

When websites are not responsive people assume that it is not working properly and disengage from the websites.

Also, all necessary elements should be present on the website page in all the gadgets users are using it.

By using large headers on the top of the webpage you are using more space which is of no use.

This is so because it makes the site hard to navigate and add no value to the website.

The header should be less dominating by making a somewhat transparent header.

With too many pop-ups it takes away the user’s attention from the main site’s content.

It will also hurt the brand reputation and also can take away users from the site page.

People express their dislike for pop-up ads.

You may feel the urge to redesign the website to keep it updated.

But once you update it you can’t revert it back to a previous state.

Hence, before making any changes you should do A/B testing of new design and then update the UX accordingly.

The most popular pages are like, “rooms”, “gallery”, “offers” that people visit after the homepage. 

Hence, the navigation bar should display those pages to make it easier for people to find them.

Otherwise, users will quickly lose interest then leave the website and not visit again.

So, try to make those pages clearly visible on your website navigation bar.

Unwanted tutorials after login into certain websites cause irritation to a large number of users.

Instead of giving tutorials, they should try to make their website easier to use and understand by their users.

People don’t log in on the website because of unnecessary tutorials.

Hotels website which is not disclosing their discounts offer of that certain day or either could say not updating deals for the user.

It also stops users from using that very website.

For that designer should update their website as soon as hotels disclose their deals.

Not highlighting the main content to the user and giving excessive of other details can frustrate users.

It will appear cluttered and hard to navigate.

So, keep it simple, clear, and provide balance information to users.

Using modern and cool icons because it looks beautiful is a UX mistake. It is useless if users are not aware of its meaning.

So, you should add text to make the user aware of that icon.

It is a better idea to use a common icon that users are aware of instead of fancy icons.

From the above, we can conclude that many UX mistakes that we do can ruin all your efforts.

So make sure to learn about UX mistakes and try to avoid them to deliver the correct online product to your customers.

What users are looking for is a fast and efficient way to get things done.

Please share views in the comment box.

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