A Precise Guide for Hotel Check-out Conversion Rate

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Hotel Check-out Conversion Rate is one of the primary concern for hoteliers. As these days a lot of focus is on online bookings.

As per an article from livemint, the gross hotel booking is expected to rise to $10.9 billion till 2020 from $7.2 billion in 2016. The share of online bookings will rise from 28% from 19%.

And out of the total online bookings the share of OTAs will be as much as 78%. Now, this is a concern for hoteliers.  The greater number bookings channeling through OTAs the greater commission they have to give.

In this fight of acquiring the maximum direct bookings, check-out conversion rate gains a high significance.

So let us try to understand the hotel checkout conversion rate, its significance and how we can improve it.

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The check-out conversion rate is one of the most important metrics in digital business. It basically establishes a relationship between the visitors of your website and the conversions.

The rate basically shows how many visitors of your website made the purchase(bookings in the Hotel’s case) from your website.

The check-out conversion rate is basically given by:

Conversion rate = (number of conversions x 100%)/(number of visitors)

Let us now discuss some of the reasons why Hotel Check-out Conversion Rate should be high.

We all know that there is always competition between hotels and OTAs for the maximum share in online bookings. So it is very necessary for the hotels to convert the visitors on their website.

Apart from organic reach, PPC campaigns are also very prominent in bringing traffic to the website. But you have to pay for such traffic.

If you are able to convert them then your investment is in vain. And it is also very to everyone that the cost per click is also going higher and higher. So the investment is increasing day by day so you will have to optimize the check-out process to convert the maximum clients.

It takes a lot of effort to make yourself visible on the internet. Digital Marketing is the umbrella term for various practices that are adapted to reach your potential clients.

Digital Marketing takes a lot of efforts and sometimes investments. Hotels hire a team for this purpose.

And when your digital marketing efforts give a fruitful result, people start visiting your website. You were successful in alluring travelers to visit your site and to create a cart.

But if that cart is left abandoned then what’s the use of that effort.

Let us now check some of the ways to improve your hotel’s Check out Conversion Rate

QloApps Check out page showing single page check out for Check-out Conversion Rate

Instead of directly recommending it I am suggesting to try the single page check out. That’s only because there is no hardcore answer that whether single page check-out is better or the multiple pages check out.

It works differently in different cases. But it has many advantages if you are trying to improve your check-out conversion rate.

Many times clients abandon the cart because of the complex check out process. So you must try to make it easy as you can.

Single page check-out makes the check out process shorter. It the client does not get irritated with a long hectic and confusing process.

You should use such a hotel booking engine to launch your hotel booking website which offers the easiest check out process like QloApps.

Now, this is something you should have on your website. It becomes very annoying for the customer to register on every second website on the web.

Especially, one time buyers. Hotels generally have more one time visitors than the regular ones. And obviously, they prefer not to register on the website where they would not probably visit again.

Guests do not wish to share their personal information these days and if you compel them to do that then it can have a disastrous effect on your checkout conversion rates.

A modern booking engine like QloApps will provide you with the guest check out functionality on your website.

Many times guests have to cancel their trips due to certain reasons. So to gain the trust of your of guests you should provide them with an easy cancellation process.

The refund of the cancellation should also be done as quickly as possible. Your return policies should be clear and specific so that there is no scope of confusion.

This way you will gain trust and that will lead to more check-out pages conversion.

Retargeting ads follow the visitor across the web.

As we have already discussed above that we put a lot of effort and monetary investment for bringing visitors on our website.

Now, these visitors already have gone through your website. They have the basic idea of your hotel and rooms. So it will be easy for you to convert these visitors rather than bringing in the fresh ones.

Sometimes visitors add rooms to the cart and then abandon them. Apart from retargeting ads, the cart recovery emails are also effective in converting these abandoned carts.

You can send these emails from time to time.

For example, if a visitor added one of your room types in his cart and then abandoned it, after some time you offered a discount on this room type. Then you can send a mail to the visitor that the room type he was interested in is now on discount.

Such emails are very effective and hoteliers should not refrain them from sending them.

Well! it is evident that we have to give special attention to the check-out conversion rate optimization. Our checkout page is the most important page of your website. It is the page which is directly involved with your revenue generation.

So this was my attempt to define the checkout rate, its importance and how to improve it.

Do not forget to drop your views in the comment box and your suggestions are most welcomed.

We aspire to serve the hotel industry with our product QloApps and that process we have taken a step forward by launching the QloApps Forum. So please raise any of your issue on our Forum.

For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket.

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