Explore the Difference Between QloApps and QloSaaS

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With the advancement and growth of the hotel industry, the software and services for hotel management are also growing fastly. 

QloApps is an open-source and self-hosted software that will ease your hotel management operations. It provides a free Booking Engine, a Property Management System, and an attractive Booking Website for your property. 

QloSaaS is a software-as-a-service solution provided by QloApps that will manage your hotel website so that you can give complete attention and focus on your hotel business. Unlike QloApps, QloSaaS is a cloud-based platform. 

Let us Discuss how QloApps is different from QloSaaS. 

We will also examine how one should choose the best Property Management System for his hotel business. 

QloApps and QloSaaS help hoteliers manage hotel bookings, room availability, and other operational tasks. However, both differ in various ways.

Difference between QloApps and QloSaaS

Here are a few ways in which QloApps is different from QloSaaS:  

QloApps is a self-hosted software. After installing the software in your system, you have to launch the website on your domain either yourself or through some third party. 

Whereas, QloSaaS is a software as a service that provides on-cloud hosting service. Therefore it eliminates the hectic self-hosting process for the user and provides the user with a quick setup.

All the user needs to do is add the details of his property, and QloSaaS will launch his hotel website itself.

The user manually scales his website launched using QloApps. 

In contrast, QloSaaS automatically scales the website and accommodates the need of hotels of various sizes.

Automatic Scalability helps users stay stress-free from manual efforts and focus on their business improvements. 

In QloApps, the user manually updates his website and its content. The user needs to maintain his website himself regularly to keep his site in proper working condition. 

Whereas In QloSaaS, the service providers automatically update and maintain the site. It ensures that the user’s website stay’s updated with the latest features and bug fixes. 

QloApps is a free solution for users. The user can download the software and start using it.  

On the other hand, QloSaaS is a paid service. The user can use it only after purchasing its subscription. 

QloSaaS comes with two subscription price plans:

  • Pricing of the basic plan of QloSaaS:
    • Monthly: The hotelier will be charged $25 per month for each hotel.
    • Yearly: The hotelier will be charged $225 per year for each hotel.
  • Pricing of the professional plan of QloSaaS:
    • Monthly: The hotelier will be charged $50 per month for each hotel.
    • Yearly: The hotelier will be charged $540 per year for each hotel.

As discussed, QloApps is free and open-source software, whereas QloSaaS is a subscription-based cloud software. 

Both software provides a booking engine, a booking website, and Property Management Software for your hotel. 

With QloApps, you get free software, but you have to manage the hosting and deployment of QloApps. 

Therefore, if you have just initiated your hotel business and have sound knowledge of technicalities, then you should try QloApps.

Using QloApps, you can ease your hotel management process and provide customers with a personalized experience. Or else, if you want convenience in using property management software for hotel management, go for QloSaaS.

With QloSaaS, all you have to do is share your property information, and that’s it. All the details and processes will be taken care of by QloSaaS. Therefore, it maintains and updates your website, and you can focus on your business growth.  

We can infer that Hoteliers who prefer managed solutions and want comfort, scalability, accessibility, and automatic maintenance and updation should prefer QloSaaS over QloApps. 

Otherwise, if you are a hotelier who can manage the self-hosting and deployments process of QloApps and are looking for an affordable solution with the freedom to make changes, then QloApps is the right solution for you.

With so many options for PMS software in the market, it becomes difficult for hoteliers to choose from. It is difficult to decide whether one should choose Cloud-based PMS or On-Premise PMS. 

Therefore, a hotelier should first analyze his needs and then decide on the type of PMS he should use. 

As per our discussion, we know that QloApps is a free and self-hosted software, and QloSaaS is a subscription-based and cloud-hosted software built upon QloSaaS. 

We can conclude that each of them possesses its benefits. 

Therefore, the decision of the best software for the hotel management process depends on the hotelier’s needs.

Let’s wrap up this discussion for now. I hope you have now understood the difference between QloApps and QloSaaS. 

I suggest you try QloApps: Free Hotel Booking Software and QloSaaS: A cloud-based Property management software as per your hotel requirements.

Both will provide a booking engine, booking software, and property management software. Using this, you can efficiently manage your hotel’s daily operations and build your hotel’s online presence and improve its reach. 

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