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What are the other ways to generate revenue beyond room sales?

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Want to know ways to generate revenue beyond room sales of your hotel, then look nowhere.

The hotel industry is greatly impacted by the pandemic.

Yet, they are leaving no stones unturned to reap the maximum benefits even in this time.

One advantage of the hospitality industry is managing room rates based on specific dates.

However, this isn’t a surefire strategy to generate consistent revenue, and the outcomes can be hit or miss.

Hence, here is a blog that will help you out in finding ways to generate revenue beyond room sales.

When you want to gain additional profits for your hotel then these are the other alternatives available.

to get revenue beyond room sales, a girl is sharing ideas

Let’s have a look:

If you want your customers to share an in-depth story about their happy experiences of their stay in your hotel.

Then work on the art of making guests happy.

Looking at the positive responses you are getting, Trivago, Booking, and similar companies will increase your listing and visibility.

Thus, bookings will increase and you can also think of slightly raising the price of rooms.

But how you can make your customers happy. First of all, listen and understand their needs and demands.

Try and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Even if the guests are angry, maintain calm and talk politely and address their concerns with both brain and heart.

Well-trained your staff on etiquette they have to maintain in the hotel and while talking to guests.

Apart from these basic things you can upsell the services. Please go through the next point to know more about it.

One way is to offer them upsell options that add comfort, value, or something other to your guest’s stay.

If they choose not to purchase the upsell then don’t force it on them, otherwise, it will backfire.

Additionally, to make it memorable for them, send them bathrobes, essential oils packed, hotel miniature, spa/salon services, restaurant, and seasonal offerings.

Apart from these offers, you can also give gift vouchers for fixed experiences for guests and make them transferable.

This means, that the guests if want can transfer the vouchers to their close ones.

Apart from standard offers like spa services, you can provide experiences and tap into key moments to capture locals’ interest.

For instance, Mother’s Day staycation.

To become a community hub open up your services and amenities to local residents. Give them space to interact and work together.

Give them the option to share the space for weeks, months, or years at a time.

In other words, use a concept to leverage your existing space and amenities for the local people.

For instance, give a conference room to rent for an hour.

Or if you have an empty space, allocate them to wiling people for weeks, months, or years in return for monetary consideration.

For instance, a few people are working for different social causes.

Let’s take young people’s mental health.

So, they can book the hotel space for a year and at a defined time slot and discuss matters related to it in the space provided by the hotel in return for consideration.

As staffs must be aware of the local area’s and have sufficient ideas about it.

So, use their knowledge to convert hotel stays into a destination hub for the community.

A curator is a manager who takes care of tangible things in a cultural heritage institution. For instance, galleries, museums, and libraries.

But, in the hospitality sector, the focus is on creating a hotel experience. It is to make sure that guests are continuously stimulated during their stay.

Making it possible through organizing events, food and dining experiences, interactions, creating exceptional art, and design for the hotel, and so on.

Or we can say, they help create a portfolio of services and offerings.

And at the same time integrates design, thinking of ways to create a more impactful experience.

Moreover, offers services that will increase the social status and brand value of your hotel in the mind of the guests.

  • The reason people step out and visit a hotel is to explore nearby places and create memorable experiences. Hence, the aim of this is to give immersive travel experiences.
  • Another reason is for designing a space that makes guests feel comfortable, inspiring, and relaxed.
  • Another important task is to design spaces that encourage guests to feel relaxed, energetic, and inspired.
  • Hence, to make it possible, the curator should understand the mindset of guests to find out the colors, and textures guests are looking for.
  • Moreover, it will create a unique identity for your brand.

Google Hotels is a hotel metasearch engine, that is a part of Google’s search engine. It allows customers to search for and book hotels online.

And allows hoteliers to increase the visibility of their hotel and attract more bookings.

Moreover, it is a room rate comparison tool and a review platform. So, comparison and making sound decisions are possible.

If you can maximize the advantages of Google Hotels, then you can reduce the dependency on OTAs significantly.

For maximization of revenue, analyze the distribution channels and find out how many benefits you are gaining from this.

And on the basis of findings of high performing and low performing OTAs, make the appropriate changes to maximize revenue over the long term.

Most of the technologies we are witnessing today in the hospitality industry are automating monotonous tasks.

Hence, employees can give their time and energy to other important tasks.

For instance, upselling guests or holding in-person communication.

Optimize your website’s booking engine to get more direct bookings. Otherwise, you have to pay huge commissions to OTAs.

We can conclude that appointing a curator, creating a community hub, upselling services and providing other benefits, leveraging Google hotel, analyzing the distribution, and so on.

These will help in generating revenue beyond room sales.

Hence, you can utilize them for additional profits.

Please share views in the comment box.

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