Digital marketing tools to use for post-pandemic recovery

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To know digital marketing tools that you can use for recovering from this pandemic.

You can have a look at this article and create new marketing strategies by using the digital marketing tools mentioned in it.

We know covid-19 leads to a lot of loss in the hotel industry and it is difficult to bounce back.

But learning and using different digital tools will certainly help in achieving the expectations of customers and accelerate recovery.

Moreover, there are big players in the market who develop features specifically for the recovery of the hotel industry.

Hence, you can mix different marketing tools and implement them to position yourself at the top of the game.

Digital marketing tools people are using to promote their hotel

In this article, there are a few of those digital marketing tools mentioned which you can use to boost the performance of your hotel.

A picture speaks a thousand words. The visual content stimulates the mind and captures the attention of viewers in no time.

It should be low in cognitive demand score. Meaning, people can easily understand what you are saying through those pictures.

Hence, direct your designing team to create some fuss-free, eye-catching images to grab the attention of customers.

You yourself can create some interesting, impactful, and visually stimulating images through various tools available in the market.

Only keep points in mind like keeping minimal details, and being creative.

Lastly, put the brand name or image in the fovea of your image.

Companies can work in optimizing their website to make their business visible in search engines.

People in the lockdown and in uncertain curfews spend most of their time online. So, you can turn this to your benefit by increasing your search presence.

It will rank you high on the search pages. The high you rank in search results for keywords related to your business, the chances of target audiences finding you are higher.

If you don’t have professionals then you can seek help from plenty of online marketing tools to optime your website.

Briefly, I have also chalked out a few points you can look at for website optimization.

  • Select your target audience
  • Afterward research for keywords
  • Create useful content like blogs and articles to visual content like videos and infographics.
  • After creating content, optimize your tags like your titles and headings for your target keywords.
  • Apart from that, please make sure it is user-friendly i.e., clear, easy to navigate with less loading time.

Along with hotel ads, links appear on the hotel booking module, when Google website visitors search for hotels on it.

Hence, it allows you to connect with more customers and partners at no cost.

The process is like this: When someone searches for a hotel on Google, they can view both i.e., ads and free booking links.

Therefore, the hotel names appear featuring a list of top hotels, depending on the search.

After clicking on a specific hotel, visitors will get information in detail.

For instance, hotel pictures, price, ratings, location of the hotel on a map, amenities.

A direct link (hotel booking link) to the hotel website, and so on.

When he clicks on the hotel booking link then he will be redirected to the hotel website to complete the booking.

Property promotion ads are for hotels, who want to capture the attention of potential customers, who are looking to book a room in a hotel.

But don’t know exactly what they are looking for in a hotel.

Hence, it is different from hotel booking links which are only for advertisers whose customers are already clear about the property they will book.

Property promotion ads are designed to enable advertisers to persuade the customers to book rooms from their hotel who are still looking for a hotel.

Make sure you have an active Hotel Center account linked to a Google Ads account in order to participate in Property Promotion Ads.

Google launches a dedicated website that showcases demand trends to travel sector participants including hotels.

The website name is Travel Insights with Google.

It helps in the recovery of the hotel business by displaying real-time travel trends.

One tool is ‘Hotel trends’, through it hoteliers can easily understand where the demand for your hotel is highest and in exploring the booking trends.

Another tool is ‘Destination insights’ that helps in understanding the location where the travelers are interested in visiting.

Using this tool the companies in the sector will be able to map out a possible resumption of travel on specific routes

and make choices about where to communicate with potential future travelers.

This form of marketing makes the customers in your email list aware of the new products, or services you are launching, or discounts you will give.

You have to perform a mass mailing to educate your customers about everything related to your new launch and add interesting facts or coupons.

So, that you can persuade them easily.

If you have a tight budget then it is effective yet saves cost.

moreover, you can also run A/B tests of a subject line or call to action to identify the mails which are giving out the best results.

Conversion rate optimization tools fetch data regarding your website and its visitors to help increase the percentage of users or website visitors.

Using them you will understand the way people use your site. For instance, why leads are not generating,

You can test changes and implement them to increase conversion.

Hence, you will know what and where efforts you have to put on to increase conversion rates.

You can use tools launched by Google like Insights tools from Google, free Google hotel booking links, and property promotion ads.

Other important tools are search engine optimization, graphic creation tools, conversion rate optimization tools, and the email market.

Use all of them or mix and match these digital marketing tools to position your brand in the market.

Please share views in the comment box.

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