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Tips to decrease Hotel CPC (cost per click)

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Cost per click is the metric on which we measure how much you are paying to google or any other search engine for every click on your ad. So we are discussing how we can decrease Hotel CPC.

Basically, it is the ratio of the amount you paid to the number of clicks you got on your ad.

In layman terms, you pay to attract traffic on your website. Pay per click or cost per click is an important channel to route traffic to your website.

A successful PPC campaign has two characters first, a good CTR and second it a low CPC.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the number of clicks per impressions. A higher CTR means people are engaging with your website which leads to higher chances of conversions.

Check out how to increase your CTR here.

And let us focus on the second the point that is a lower CPC.

In search engine marketing most of the things revolve around or keywords and keyphrases.

They are the search queries which a search engine user makes and expect a result.

When you are targeting to decrease Hotel CPC then your keyword becomes really important. You can’t go extravagant and include a number of keywords in your campaign.

So you will have to make sure that you use relevant keyword in which the changes of clicks are high.

For this, you can use long-tail keywords. They improve your quality score which in return improves your campaign.

Long-tail keywords have more relevance. Obviously “hotels in London” is more relevant than “hotels”.

To decrease hotel CPC we also need to bid on cheaper keywords.

In this industry, some campaigns are very competitive and several people want their ads on these keywords.

You have to find out the keywords that are not so competitive. These keywords will have a lower bid.

You also have to understand why some keywords are competitive and high bids while some not.

Keywords are competitive because they are searched by the users. So you will have to be very specific while selecting a keyword.

You need to search for a keyword that has low search traffic but the traffic is very relevant so that most of them are converted into sales.

Ad quality is defined by the quality score. The quality score has a positive impact on your CPC.

Higher the quality score lower the CPC.

A higher quality score is a signal for search engines that your is a good option for its user.

And like every company in the world search engines also cares about their customers.

So if you serve their customer well they will reward you with lower CPC.

To increase your quality you will have to increase the relevance of the ad. Relevancy is directly proportionate to Quality Score.

Then part from the relevancy, landing pages are very important. Each of your ads should have a relevant landing page.

You cannot just keep them lading to your home page. Each ad should take the user to the page which has what the user is search for.

Running your ad 24 X 7 is not a wise idea. This will increase your ad spent without any reason.

You must target specific time and days to curb this extra expense.

Analyze when you get the highest ad conversions and when you get the lowest. Then run your ad only in the time when the response is good.

This will also decrease the irrelevant clicks on your ads. You will be getting only those clicks that most like to be converted.

This will reduce your ad spend.

Locations and time zone analysis are very important. There will be some locations on which you have a better client base. And these locations can fall in different time zones.

Just think what is the use of showing the ad when your target customers are sleeping.

And what is the use of showing the ad on a location where you do not have chances of sales?

So locate your potential clients with proper analysis and then shoot out your ads.

Pay per click is an important channel for your marketing campaigns. But you also have to work on the ways to decrease Hotel CPC.

I hope the method I discussed above will help you out. Please share your views in the comment box.

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