5 tips to write irresistible headlines for higher CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR)

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Click Through Rate (CTR) is the number of clicks per impressions. It has its application in online advertising, SEO, email marketing and social media marketing.

A higher CTR has many benefits. In organic searches, a better CTR will get you a better position in SERPs.

So let us assume that your page was ranking on 4th position and users are clicking on your listing than the one listed on the 3rd.

Hence, you have a better click through rate than the other. So the search engine will promote you to 3rd position. As it will give the search engine a signal that your page more relevant to the query and it is doing some mistake by listing to lower.

Then if talk about pay per click campaigns then a better CTR will get you a lower cost per click. Hence getting you some discounts there.

Click through rates are basically your first impression. Basically, higher CTR means people are engaging with your website which leads to higher chances of conversions.

Now for a better CTR, you need to write headlines that are catchy and alluring to users. These headlines are going to attract the users to click hence raising your CTR.

Ergo, here are some tips that can help you in achieving a headline that gets you a better Click Through Rate.

An image of a newspaper and a tab showing the importance of headlines for better click through rate

Okay, we need to understand that writing better headlines means your whole SEO is going well. You will have no CTR if you are not ranked.

And if you are not listed on the first page of google searches then you also not very effective.  The bottom line is if people do not see you then how they are going to click.

So first thing first, optimize your website for search engines. This means that you have to work on each of your pages.

Try to get your website on search results pages for several keywords and keyphrases. Then the role of click through rate comes.

When you are on the first page even in the last position you have the chance. People generally do not get to the second page.

So when you are on the first page you are visible. Now your headlines will work, now they can get to higher positions.

Again a very basic concept that always works. You need to understand that your reader is looking for a solution.

So when you are writing a headline think what your reader is looking for that you have.

For example, you have a hotel listing in vegas on your website. Then you want that when a user searches a hotel in vegas then he get allured to your website.

Now you have to write a headline thinking this in mind. Ergo, your headline can be something like “Best hotels in Vegas at affordable prices”.

Basically you are answering the query of the user in a single line.

So keep asking questions you want to answer with the page or email you are writing the headline for.

Action words are very effective when it comes to attracting people. We are taking the help of psychology here. These words just grab the attention of your users.

Some examples of action words can be new, free, exclusive, now, you, your, amazing, etc…

We git a limited space when we are writing a headline. We cannot write two or three longs sentences. So we have to utilize the word count we have and use the words that have a special effect on the readers.

But you need to be very specific here. Some of these words sometimes can have a negative effect also.

Two such words can be free and cheap. Many times people are not looking for cheap especially in the hotel industry.

These days travelers are willing to pay for a better experience and most of these are millennials. They are just not looking for cheap stays.

If someone is for luxury travel then why he will be allured to cheap rooms. So we need to keep in the audience we are targeting then analyze the effect.

Basically we are trying to fascinate the users here. Lines like “You never have seen such a beautiful hotel at this rate” will make them click.

They will be curious to check out what is there, how beautiful the hotel is, or what is the price and this will make them click.

So you need to create this sense of curiosity. And again you have to take the help of psychology.

Suspense is always more interesting the direct truth. Give them only that much detail that interests them allure and leave the main details. But your headline must tell them how much fun is there when they click.

So when you use the above line the user will be fascinated to see your offer.

When there are numbers in the heading they perform well. Good headlines have numbers. They attract user attention better than the headlines that do not have numbers.

And odd numbers do better than the even number.

So whenever you are writing a headline try to use an odd number.

Click through rate is an important factor in many ways. And for a better CTR, you need a better headline.

Your headline must be irresistible so that it compels the user to click.

These were my suggestions that you can use. Do let me know how you feel about them. Will wait for your thoughts and suggestions.

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Thanks for the read!!!

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