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How Data Collection can be applied in Hotel Industry

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Every business in all industry is supported by software today. The software allows businesses to collect data and develop the deep understanding of their operations, their products and customers. Altogether it becomes important to use the data to survive such fierce competition.

So what is the role of data in the hotel industry? Through data, hotels can understand the habits of guests, which makes it possible to predict their decisions and understand their choices. With proper use and processing of data, hoteliers can get immense knowledge on how they can improve their hotel operations.

Data must also be the main focus in the hospitality besides guest satisfaction. Hoteliers must systematically collect data and understand what actions they must take to help them deliver unique customer experience.

First of all, hoteliers need to have data. They can collect data by manually entering on registers or they can enter into a hotel booking system to maintain the records.

There are several sources of information, so the best way is to collect and organize the data for optimum usage.

For example, let’s say that when a customer books a room at a hotel website then he has to provide basic data such as name, address, phone number and booking dates. This data can be used as the front-desk information.

And if a guest makes orders for particular types of food then it can belong to the food order category.

Hoteliers can collect and analyze data to diagnose the behavioral pattern of customers. Through data analytics anyone can know information like gender, geographical location or age group of users who visit websites, social media pages and etc. Such data can be used to customize messages and send to relevant one to the right guests.

Online travel review websites such as TripAdvisor are like a goldmine of data for Hoteliers. Even the social media websites generate a lot of data that shouldn’t be neglected at all. Monitoring the reviews at these websites is staggering but it is a well worth task.

The enormous data helps hotels in understanding the strong elements that make their hotels more desirable place to stay. Whereas the negative reviews provide insight about what areas need improvement.

Now as there are millions of followers on review and social websites, the hotel’s response is also noticed by them. They also observe how well a hotel replies to a negative review. At the same time, this grants great opportunity to learn from the competitors about how they handle both positive and negative reviews.

Customer data such as booking history, reservations made in vacation periods, online activity on hotel website etc. can be used to understand the booking behavior, how much they spend and the degree to which they are loyal to the hotel.

This amount of information allows hoteliers to design customized packages for guests based on their preferences. As a result, it will boost the repeat bookings from previous guests.

Such information in turn also leads to better understanding of needs of the guests which help in delivering optimum guest satisfaction.


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