5 points you must consider while creating your Hotel Special Offers

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Running Hotel Special Offers is one of the shiniest tactics to attract hotel shoppers. It allures travelers to at least check out your Hotel and bring them to your website. And if you have clubbed high-quality services and value with them then the conversion becomes obvious.

A hotel special offers can include either of reduced rates for same service or increased service for the same rate. In both the cases, the aim is to score maximum occupancy.

So let us discuss some of the most important points we should keep in mind while creating hotel special offers.

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Before doing anything we should first ask ourselves why we are doing it. Because without asking this question you will not be able to lay down the perfect plan.

First be clear about your aim and what exactly you are trying to achieve.

For instance, if your hotel sales are okay but still the revenue is not satisfactory to you then decrease the rate of your hotel services will do more harm than good. Your sales will go up but the revenue will suffer.

You need to increase your profit margin for such a case. And for that, you can make a special offer package that includes different services.

The best thing about such packages is that they allow you to play with prices. This will help you to raise your profit margin without actually increasing your prices and will create a buzz for your hotel as well.

Only understanding your needs and aim will not do. Understanding the needs and demands of the market is also very important for getting the booking influx you desire.

Try to study the behavior of the traveler visiting your location. And then design your offers according to it.

For an example, your hotel is at the location which has attractions for families then design such offer that allure families.

You can add services targetted to families like the zoo and theme park visits.

Doing marketing research is also very crucial because if you design the package a bit here and there from what users want, then it can have an adverse effect on your sales.

Nobody likes to pay for a service in which he or she is not interested. So adding a service in your offer which users do not want will be disastrous.

Create multiple offer packages in order to target a large range of customers. Give your consumers options to choose from.

Every user has different needs, different taste and a different reason to travel. So you must target each of them. Why leave a chance to convert even a single consumer type.

But do not put them in the state of a dilemma by giving too many options. This will degrade their experience as the ease of making the booking will be compromised. And hence, decreasing your conversion rate.

The timing of your hotel special offers is very crucial. They should start at the time when there are maximum travelers searching for your Hotel.

And not only the starting of your special offer is crucial but the ending also. Do not extend your offer more than the decided date.

Also, create a fear of missing out in the consumers.  Run limited period and limited quantity offers. So that they can be availed by a certain amount of user, not to all of them.

No matter how good your offer is and whatever perks it is providing to the customers if people do not know about it then how they are gonna buy it.

So highlight your offer in the public domain. Create awareness amongst the people that how your offer is beneficial for them and why they should buy from you.

So do content marketing, social media marketing, run the banners on your website and all other marketing stuffs to gain as much popularity for your offer as you can.

Promotional offers do help the hotels to achieve high revenue. But many times we think that just decreasing the price or giving a heavy discount will do the job. But is not effective always and can also have an adverse effect in some cases.

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