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7 best strategies to achieve full occupancy at your Hotel

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Every Hotel owner desires a healthy occupancy rate and aims for a full house. But obviously, it is not an easy target to achieve.

A decreasing occupancy signals the deterioration of your revenue and is lethal for your hotel business.

So hoteliers should keep a track at their occupancy rates and should always look for ways to maintain it.

Here, I have tried to put 7strategies to achieve full occupancy.


This is the most important thing to do if you want your hotel business flourish. You have to target your efforts to the right audience otherwise you will end up wasting your resources without any result.

If you do not know your target audience then you cannot take an educated business decision, you are just throwing noodles on the wall and hoping something to stick.

Ergo, you should record data regarding your guests and use it for your business intelligence.

Basic demographical data of your guests like their age, gender and from where your guests come from helps you to get a clear picture and then you can target your campaigns and promotional programmes.


If you are not good at something, then do not do it, find someone who is master of that art. This will add value to your hotel and increase the overall quality.

Your partners can do marketing of your business, do the business intelligence for you, they can offer customer support and a lot more.

Apart from this, you can also partner with the local business in your region. Corporates keep sending and receiving guests for business purposes so they need to book hotels. And you get the opportunity for the occupancy.

These businesses also keep hosting events hence you should not let that opportunity go.


Now, this is one of the most primitive marketing strategies to attract guests. And it is actually very effective as who do not like discounts.

You can target different segments of the society by different kind of discounts. Offer discounts for students, business travelers, a particular age group and allure them to your hotel.

Apart from that, a hotel should also run loyalty programmes as they have a big impact on your occupancy. They motivate your guests to make repetitive visits.

Loyalty programmes help you to make loyal customers and a loyal customer is also the cheapest source of marketing.


Packages are very helpful if you have done your marketing research right. Your different types of guests have the different priorities. They expect a different kind of services from you.

Hence, after analyzing your audience make different customized packages on the basis of age, gender and ethnicities.

Hence, it is obvious if you provide such a customized experience which your competitors don’t, your occupancy will rise.

Apart from that, packages also allow you to play around with prices.

The primary goal of any business is to generate revenue. While making packages you can push your profit margin a little bit broader and at the same time offering customers a good pricing.


Inclusivity means that you can welcome anyone and any kind of guest. Make your property versatile enough that it has something to offer to everybody.

Inclusion is not generally practiced by most of the hotels, so take its advantage to get an upper edge on your rivals.

There can be many ways to achieve inclusivity.

Some of them can be:

  • Make your hotel pet-friendly. Many of the travelers like to travel with their pets and just think how many pet-friendly hotels are there. So making your hotel pet-friendly will be very a good move toward inclusivity.
  • Have special arrangements for differently abled guests.
  • Have furniture like high chairs for infants


Meta-Search engines present the results gathered from different search engines. They can be a great tool for hotels.

They show the location of the Hotel, prices and other information in the results and then redirect the traffic to the source website that can be the Hotel’s website or the OTA’s. Basically, metasearch engines compare different hotels in the results.

Meta-Search Engines do not charge any kind of commission from the hotel, they work on the PPC model.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things to get traffic to your Hotel website. SEO decides the rank of your website in the search result page of a search engine. And it is quite simple to understand that higher the rank the higher the traffic you get on your website. You can improve SEO by using correct keywords and backlinks.


It becomes heartbreaking when you do not get the desired ROI and it also becomes difficult to focus on the business.

But when you put your efforts in the right direction then it actually pays off. I cannot say that the points I discussed above are enough to get you the result you aspire for. But I can say excluding these points from your business strategy can harm your business.

So please drop your thoughts in the comment box below and also, your suggestions are welcomed.


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