A precise guide to Contextual Ads for Hotels

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The concept behind contextual advertising is showing your ads on relevant webpages.

It is content-based advertising which crawls a website for keywords. Once it tracks the keywords then it shows ads related to that content.

These ads display on the webpage itself or as pop up to inform and redirect users to the related product.

Search Engines also use these ads to show ads related to the searched keywords on their search result pages.

Contextual Advertising is a cost-effective method to score bookings.

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers. The advertisements themselves are selected and served by automated systems based on the context of what a user is looking at.

The first and largest agency that provides contextual advertising is Google AdSense. Google Adsense provides you with a javascript code that you have to insert into your website.

Once you do that the Google bot indexes your page and shows relevant ads.

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for Contextual Ads.

The best thing about contextual marketing is that they are really very specific.

They allow you to show your ads to the relevant keywords so you have the power to decide where you want to show the ads and to whom.

For example, we want to run an ad for our hotel which is at a perticular location. Then contextual ads allow us the flexibility to get us to that depth of our niche.

These ads are very quick. Once you launch them they start displaying within a day. And if you have optimized it properly then they also show results very quickly.

So it is a good option for hotels who want direct bookings but have a new website. Because you have a new website so organic ways will take time to get you results you desire, but these ads will help you.

Then it is also very easy to launch the campaign. You can use Google Adsense which is the best tool to manage these ads.

The Adsense provides you an easy to use interface to where you can write your ad copy and decide the budget. And when it needs you can also end the campaign.

As I said, with Google Adsense you can decide the budget for your campaign. So it never goes out of your control.

Contextual Ads have a very high return on investment. And that is the courtesy of its high relevancy ads.

The ads are shown to the users that are relevant to the page and the users who click are the ones who are really interested.

So the chances of bookings are very in these cases.

When you are running an ad campaign you need proper tracking to take further decisions. And this is exactly contextual ads do for you.

With Google Adsense, you have a proper interface of how your ads are performing so that you can do something about them.

As per the stats you have you can change the titles or description of the ads. o you can drop a few ads and add new once.

Okay, the USP of the contextual ad is the relevancy and targeting to a specific audience. You target special demography so you also have to understand them.

When you get to know them then you can plan your advertising campaign.

The content that you will generate in your ad will be written according to your audience. Here the aim is to get as many clicks as we can.

Once your potential guest visited a website and see your ad. He finds the ad interesting and clicks on it to come to your website.

Now, he does not make the booking and abandoned the website due to any of the numerous reasons.

This should not be the end of this interaction. You need to give him another chance. And this will be done by retargeting him.

Retargeting means following the internet user on the web and showing them ads.

This practice will increase your sales to a great extent.

Never settle down for anything. Keep testing which of your ad is working and which is not. As I mentioned earlier also that Contextual ads are very trackable.

So keep a record for everything and analyze the performance of your ads on a regular basis.

Some of your ads must be doing good and some not. Ergo assign more budget to the ads that are doing good and drop those who are not.

You can use Contextual Ads very neatly to gain bookings. Just don’t overdo them and you will be good to go.

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