Retargeting Ads for hotel business

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Retargeting Ads can help hotels in their expedition of attaining more and more direct bookings.

A buyer’s journey is very complex these days. Most of our website visitors are do not have the intention of making a booking.

Most of the travelers first do the proper research and visit many websites just to outline their journey.

So how will you keep in touch with them when they seriously intend to book.

Let me put some stats to prove the importance of retargeting ads. The average CTR for display ads is 0.07% but for retargeted ads is 0.7% i.e. 10 times.

There is a 70% chance to convert the visitor from retargeting ads.

Furthermore, 26% of users who came back by retargeting ads completed their purchase.

So in this article, I am going to discuss retargeting, its types and benefits.

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Retargeting is a technique used by marketers to show ads to the previous visitors of the website.

So let us assume there is a person who visits your hotel booking website. He explores your catalog and then leaves your website.

We can follow such a visitor all over the web. So wherever he goes he sees your ad. This retargeting in action.

The idea behind site retargeting is to follow a previous website visitor on other websites. With the help of site retargeting you will spend your resources on only those who have visited your website.

So if you want to be more specific then you can apply it on the pages that are more relevant to bookings.

For example, instead of the homepage, you can follow the visitors who were on the room page after searching.

So in this way you filtered your targets a bit more.

Search Retargeting can be very fruitful as it gets you new leads. Search Retargeting means to target the users that searched a relevant keyword on a search engine.

So for example, if someone searched for a hotel at your location then your hotel ad will be shown to this user.

This means targeting users based on their interests, age, gender, and geography.

If we give it a thought, then we can see that one ad copy can never be apt for all the users no matter how well written it is.

So we can make different ad copies and show them to different types of visitors.

Email follow-ups are old school but still very effective. For a better ROI, you must implement the email retargeting campaign.

So basically the what you have to do is that you have to make an email list. Then start sending them the promotional emails, offers, and news from your hotel.

Do not forget to include the call of action button in your email. So that when using the clicks on this button he is directed to your site.

But be perticular about the frequency of emails that you send. Otherwise, you will end up in your users’ spam box.

In contextual retargeting, we share pixels with partner websites. So the concept behind it is that when there are two very relevant websites then they show ads of each other on their sites.

In the case of hotels, we can think of the transport service providers.

So if someone checks out our hotel website and then goes to the other website to check out the airways tickets then he sees our ad.

The primary advantage of retargeting is that it increases our sales by increasing conversions. When you get yourself in front of the visitor, again and again, it increases the chance of a conversion.

With other marketing strategies, we can get traffic influx on our website. But the issue arises when it comes to conversions. Most of the traffic is never converted.

And that is why retargeting becomes very important as it brings conversions.

When this technic does not bring in the conversion, it does another thing for you which is brand promotion.

After you place your ad on a website or in emails etc…  The visitors see your brand many times and when he actually wants to purchase then he remembers you.

This will increase your brand awareness and people will put their trust in your brand.

When there is a visitor on your website and he looks out for a room or books a room then you can show him the ads of other services that you offer.

So for instance, you offer city tours along with room types. So when someone comes to your website and books a room on any location then you can offer him a city tour.

It there is a great chance that it gets convert as the user is going to that location.

With the help of other marketing campaigns, we have certain marketing reach.  This can be increased and be taken to a new level if you go for retargeting.

In the case of site retargeting when your ads are visible on many other website then it can give you new opportunities to explore.

Retargeting Ads can be a boon to your business if implemented correctly.

So this was my attempt to list down some types of retargeting and some of its benefits. Do let me know if liked it or you have any suggestion.

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