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Eco-Friendly Hotels: Step Towards Sustainability

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Eco-friendly hotels are the new generation of hotels. These hotels focus on sustainability. Care of the environment and mother nature is important for all business domains. Hospitality is no exception form it.

The Sustainable environment is a necessity for the upcoming generation. Henceforth, new upcoming hotels and existing hotels are thinking about it and taking steps for making green hotels. These steps are towards making the environment safe and clean.

Eco-friendly Hotel

As it is seen hotels create tons of nonbiodegradable waste. This waste is not easy to decompose. That creates harmful emissions. To control these hoteliers are taking steps to produce the least waste. These practices are adopted in daily practices.

The hoteliers are acknowledged with the guidelines from the government to make hotels eco friendly.

By being green, hotels can reduce their impact on the environment, cut expenses, and gain the favor of their customers.

In the corporate sector, sustainability is crucial for generating growth and retaining clients. Consumers are increasingly looking for green companies and paying extra for environmentally friendly goods and services. Consumers favor sustainable brands by a 2/1 margin.

Going eco_friendly also results in the conservation of energy and water. Therefore, It is clear that going green is good for hotels as well as the environment.

There are many ways to make hotels eco_friendly. A few of them are:

Create awareness in the staff towards the environment. Train the staff on how they can push themselves to make a green environment.

Ask interested employees in each department to participate in environmental activities to take the lead in suggesting environmentally friendly best practices in their area.

This gives these employees a sense of ownership of green strategies.

To start any new thing it is not necessary to invest much money. The hotelier can start by taking baby steps. For example: Stop using plastic on hotel premises, and use the glass water bottle.

For garbage, waste has two types of dustbins. Like one for dry waste and another for wet waste.

Ask each hotel visitor to plant one tree on the hotel premises. This will boost the plantation. It also motivates the customer to volunteer in environmental activities. Put the slogans in the hotel open area like ” Make clean make green”.

Did you know that hundreds of trees are cut down every day to make paper?

Yes. According to the data provided by GFRA (Global Forest Resource Association), between 80,000 and 1,00,000 trees are felled every day to create paper.

Just consider how much deforestation occurs each year. It is also clear that it would have a significant negative influence on the environment.

In the digital age, any type of data can be kept on cloud servers. Additionally, it is practical because you can retrieve any information with only a click of a button and don’t need to have a stack of documents.

Similarly, a hotelier might spend money on a decent PMS for the establishment that will assist guests with quick check-ins, guest profiling, tracking requests, and data maintenance.

For instance, The motto for the hospitality sector should be “Go Digital.”

The public restrooms in a lot of malls, airports, and theatres of days have automatic faucets installed. These faucets have sensors that only allow water to flow when a user’s hands are nearby.

That’s one of the practical ways to conserve water, especially if a hotel receives a steady stream of visitors. Hoteliers may save a lot of water by employing these motion_activated faucets in hotels.

California State University, Sacramento conducted research that demonstrated, when compared to a standard tap, automated faucets can save between 50 and 60 percent of water.

Although it is a little more expensive, this choice ultimately pays off. Installing these motion_sensor faucets in your hotel lobby’s restroom is a good place to start.

There are magnetic keycard facilities at many hotels. These keycards complete the circuit and permit the flow of power by serving as a connector.

When these cards are out from the slot, the circuit is not complete, thus electricity gets disconnect. Therefore, it is a much liked eco-friendly Hotels amenity. That hotel will utilize it to conserve electricity.

Nowadays, enterprises are switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Major companies already use nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, and other forms of energy. The governments of many nations assist the organizations that work to promote the use of clean energy.

Clean energy is now being used by the hospitality sector as well. In Conclusion, many hotels have made investments in geothermal energy, wind farms, combined heating and power (CHP), solar heaters, and biofuels.

Due to their geographic limitations, wind and geothermal energy are scarce. One of the best methods for capturing and storing energy for use as a backup power source is solar power. Therefore, hotel industries are shifting toward green energy sources.

Utilizing the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is one of the crucial techniques to develop an eco-friendly atmosphere. Let’s quickly review them.

Reduce As the name suggests, hoteliers need to cut back on the waste your hotel produces. Avoiding utilizing environmentally harmful products is preferable. Additionally, hotels can prepare food in an adequate quantity to ensure little wastage.

Recycle When it comes to saying recycle, it not only means glass or plastic. Cans, cartons, cartridges, fused bulbs, and other items can all be recycle. For Instance, another option for materials that cannot get recycle is waste treatment.

Reuse Is the easiest of the three R’s because it is something that everyone does. In other words, like reuse of paper, disposable plates, glass, clothes, and many others.

The planet must be saved. Climate change and global warming have raised concerns over the past ten years.

Therefore, We must implement sustainable hotel practices if we want to make our planet cleaner, greener, and free of hazardous substances.

That’s all for “Eco-Friendly Hotels: Step Towards Sustainability”

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