Best Methods To Attract Customers In Summer Season

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Summers are one of those seasons in which people avoid traveling in high temperatures and want to stay at home. So, it is becoming challenging for hoteliers, how to attract customers in hotel during the summer season?

If you want to attract customers to your hotel during the summer season, you have to show them that your hotel is the best.

The hotel industry sometimes sees a downfall in the profit graph and, if it is constant in the summer season, you have to put extra effort to improve it.

People prefer to travel during the summer vacation with family and friends. It is the best time to attract customers for the booking during the summer season.

Festivals are also the best time to attract customers. You can plan and put extra effort into those festivals which occur in the summer season.

If you want the sale of hotel rooms to remain high, and the number of customers should increase, then try to attract the customer with a new method and strategy.

Here, we will discuss a few methods that will help in customer attraction.

There is no doubt that the website is the first place that customers see. It should be attractive and informative. 

The design and theme of the website play a vital role in it. For the summer seasons, choose cool and eye-relaxing colors and designs.

QloApps Reimagined Theme provides you with an attractive look for your hotel website. Its view is blended with attractive colors and text.

It will be a suitable option for the summer time to use as a hotel website theme because of the lighter background.

When you provide customers with holiday packages for a certain location with any number of days, then there are chances that they want to book it.

Customers do not have to make a separate plan for holidays. Tour and packages include booking of rooms, transports, special events, and any other facility.

This attracts the customer; they do not need to do a separate booking for each thing. Not only this, but the customer can also apply the coupon or discount while booking any tour.

QloApps Tours and Packages is an addon of QloApps: free hotel software. It provides the functionality to hoteliers to create tours and package plans.

With this addon, the customer can ask any inquiry to the hotelier. They can give their requirements that suit any available tour and package of the hotel.

Get the summer-related images. It can be a swimming pool, soft drinks, mocktails, etc. When summer-related images get updated on the website, it creates summer vibes that attract customers. 

When many images get updated on the website, the customer sees them and thinks this hotel suits them.

You can use the website slider to show any number of images on the website. 

QloApps Website Slider is an addon that helps to add images to a website. With this addon, you can add images in the gallery section. Also, show the slider for room type, slider for a testimonial, or as per your requirement.

The virtual tour is one of the best methods to attract customers and convert them into sales conversion. A virtual tour gives you a real-time experience of any place without visiting them.

If your hotel’s website gives a virtual tour to the website visitor, then you can add images and videos of summer activities that you arrange for your customer. Like, as pool parties, mocktail stalls, bonfires, and many others.

QloApps Hotel Virtual Tour is an addon that helps to add functionality to your hotel website to give a virtual tour to the visitor. The hotelier will upload 360-degree view images to give the virtual tour experience.

To attract customers, the hotel can add a few amenities that are exclusive for the summer season.

Rooftop Pool: Rooftop parties and dining in the summer season are in high demand. People Like to eat and dance in the open fresh air. Therefore, to attract customers, you can provide them with a rooftop pool for dining and party purposes.

Water Sports and Activity: The customers come on vacation for refreshments. It will provide the best experience if we provide water sports and activities. Examples are water volleyball, water basketball, and others.

How to attract customers to hotels during the summer season? This is always a big question for hotels. 

Therefore, you can add a virtual tour, slider, and attractive themes to the website. Also, you can create the tour and packages for summer season trips.

Above all, the discussed method helps you to attract customers. If you are looking to build your hotel website, then QloApps is a  free hotel booking software that helps you to launch a hotel website. 

I hope you like our article, Best Methods to Attract Customers In the Summer Season. In case of any queries and doubts, kindly raise them on the QloApps forum.

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