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5 tips to make your hotel more appealing to female travelers

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Definitely, the women of the 21st century are empowered. Females are now taking travel decisions on their own. So hoteliers should work on their marketing to attract female travelers.

Female traveler walking into street

There is also a significant proportion of female passengers on business trips. It is a niche segment for hotels that are currently experiencing significant growth in the hospitality sector.

The more appealing factor in selecting a hotel for solo women travelers is safety.  This emerging segment has an opportunity for hotels.

In comparison to past decades now women are taking purchase decisions more freely.

It is very important in today’s context hotels must appeal to women travelers. That’s a trend in the hospitality industry now.

It is the need of the hour to make your hotel female friendly to attract this niche segment. Women notice every little thing about the hotel. If they are not in proper arrangements then it means a lot for them.

There are some suggestions for hoteliers for appealing female travelers.

1 Security and safety appeal more

2 Luxurious touch to services

3 Room amenities for female travelers

4 Pick up services at late nights

5 Specialized staff to assist female travelers

  Securing the safety of women is very important for the hotel business.

The front desk should be managed for 24 hours.  Your whole hotel premises should be under CCTV surveillance. Hotel staff should be quick and responsive to guests.

Security will be vitally necessary to appeal to female travelers. Female security is very essential in every organization.

You can recruit women security guards for females. In the presence of female guards, female travelers will feel more secure.

Females are more attracted to luxurious services in comparison to males. You can make a difference from your competitors by providing high-quality products.

Offer them products like soaps, shampoo, cream, conditioner, and other beauty products. Give them those products which are specially designed for females.

Many women use hair straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers. Make ensure that women get these items. 

You can give a luxurious touch to their stay by offering spa service. Take care of the hygiene of guests’ rooms. Women like to see them in the mirror so provide a full-length mirror.

It is not necessary that a guest will come only during the day time. At night time, it is very tedious for a female to find a taxi to the hotel. 

Hoteliers can offer to pick up service to them. It makes a good impression on hotel guests.

It calms the solo female traveler’s calm. They can come to their hotel very peacefully. A hotel can give information about this service on their website.

It is an excellent way to welcome your guests after a long journey. A better start is very necessary to make their experience delightful.

For a woman, room amenities are essential. Sometimes women forget their important belongings, and it is very miserable then. Your hotel should keep some essentials related to women’s makeup. 

It is not necessary to provide these amenities in every room. But your guest should have information that you have this stuff available. It makes females calm in case they forget them at home.

The hotel should design different rooms for women. In designing these rooms consider the choices and preferences of women. Hire interior designers for making its interior attractive.

Women like to read the magazine on different topics.  

So make available popular magazines and books. It will make a good impression on women travelers.

In your staff, there should be some females. Women can understand another woman better.  For a solo female traveler, assistance is very necessary. 

Furthermore, a solo traveler is more dependent on staff in comparison to who travels in groups.

In addition, you can hire tour guides to help them.

And your staff should also have the training on how to talk and behave with a female guest. You can employ female staff for the help of female travelers.

In the case of female travelers, we have to be more attentive. You should have a better plan and offer more than competitors to appeal to females.

Your offerings and marketing strategy should be attractive to females travelers.

Women do not want a home-like feeling in your hotel. But they seek some luxury when they enter your hotel.

And your hotel should also have female employees who can assist female travelers. Making female guests feeling secure and safe is vitally important.

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