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5 Tips to allure meetings and event planners to your Hotels

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Alluring meetings and event planners to your hotel can be an effective way to generate revenue in this age of high competition.

If you create a multi-purpose space in your hotel, it will create one more source of revenue for your hotel business that too in very less effort.

Your personalized cost-effective services will help you in building a relationship with the meetings and event planners. And this can play a substantial role in your revenue generation.

So let us put our glances on some of the tips by which we can attract meetings and event planners to our Hotels and take our Hotel Business to the pinnacle.

A picture of a meeting room with blue chairs

Your success as a host of meetings and events highly depends on the environment you provide. You have to be creative and experimental in this case.

The infra you are providing for such events should not be just conventional meeting rooms rather it should promote a jovial environment.

Privacy is also one of the most primary concerns for planners. So you should keep such arrangements on a separate floor.

Then keep in mind that the area is completely accessible for the visitors. Provide them with the easiest entry.

Always keep in mind that businesses organize meetings in Hotels to break the monotonous office routine. So do not try to create an office like environment in your hotel. Be yourself, be creative and be different.

A group of people representing a happy customer

If you have bagged an event try to earn that planner for a long term relationship. This way you will be able to secure the future reservations.

No one likes to do the booking research again and again. And trying a new hotel every time. For the planners, it is a hectic task. Also, there is always a chance of event failure.

So they liked your services once then they will also look forward to building a relationship with you. Grab this opportunity with both the hands. It can be a boon for your revenue generation.

Remember the competition in the market is high. So if you do not make your client loyal to you then someone else will.

And it is always economical to retain a customer than to search for a new one.

As per Wikipedia

User-generated content (UGC), alternatively known as user-created content (UCC), is any form of content, such as images, videos, text and audio, that have been posted by users of online platforms such as social media and wikis.

For selecting a hotel for the event the planner largely depends on the online reviews and other user-generated content like images and videos of earlier organized events.

So ask your customers to write a review for your space and then share these reviews on your website. It will have more effect than your posted content. As people like to hear someone from their own.

And do not get afraid of negative reviews. They are opportunities for you to show how responsive you are for your customers. Try to solve the issues as fast as possible.

For most of us including myself, food can be the sole reason to opt for a Hotel. But in general also, food and beverages you serve can be a prevalent reason for the meetings and event planners to choose your Hotel as the hosting venue.

In the latest Food Trends For Events, the chicken dinners and cheesecakes have become out-fashioned. It is the time for farm-to-table food, healthy and local attractions.

Overpricing is one of the top reasons a planner bypass a property.

Very aggressive pricing can be very harmful for your revenue generation. So you have to be reasonable with it. Even if you offer the best service in the area and you have the best environment still the planners will skip your property.

So you have to be accurate on your price optimization strategies to increase the booking influx. Identify the most important market indicators and get your most profitable customers.

You can decide your pricing on the basis of cost, value, demand or competition, whatever it is keep its effect on your customers in mind.

This is an age of high competition and generating revenue is becoming more and more difficult day by day. Missing any chance of earning will be stupidity. And hosting a meeting or event is a big opportunity in itself.

A large percentage of your total hotel revenue can depend on such events.

These were some tips which can allure meetings and event planners to your Hotels.

I will like to have your views on them in the comment box. Also drop your suggestions too.

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