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7 signs that speak you invested in the wrong hotel management software.

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Do keep an eye before you invest in hotel management software, because they are the heart of a business.

We all know it will turn out to be highly beneficial for the hotel business because of the various advantages it provides.

For instance, it improves your hotel operations and its performance which ultimately enhances guests’ experience.

But, all your efforts will backfire if you invested in the wrong hotel management software.

Many times it happens that even after taking out time to do some extensive research in understanding the pros and cons of each hotel management software.

Moreover, after considering the point of view of different departments and understanding the hotel’s specific needs before finalizing the hotel software.

The software does not turn out to be fruitful for your business.

Then, how do you know that the hotel management software you have invested in, is wrong for your hotel business?

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For your ease, I have chalked out a few major points which will speak volumes that the software is not working for your business.

And you should switch to another one. The points are:

Hotel software is used for simplifying day-to-day operations, you must get everything at your fingertips. If you have to click on multiple options, then the software is complicating your work instead of simplifying it.

For instance, simple tasks like reserving a room or scheduling housekeeping, guest engagement does not function swiftly.

Additionally, sending a message to a POS, arranging for a pickup, customizing a package for a guest, offering a discount to a VIP guest.

Everything is possible on a Hotel Reservation System which is cloud-based, robust, and comprehensive, with the click of a button.

Furthermore, you may have to contend with perplexing user interfaces, slow results, numerous technical glitches, and erroneous consequences.

The customer service is not supportive or unresponsive. They left you to resolve your issue, or they are not abiding by your request.

For instance, you want to have a conference call but they are only available through chat or mail.

Moreover, they have a fixed time, or time other than your business hours. Hence, your problems will remain unattended for long hours. This will cause problems if you face an emergency at any odd hours.

Many companies also provide training on their software so that you can operate it without any fuss.

If your customer support is not offering these minimal things then you should look elsewhere.

The third-party websites allow customers to compare prices on different sites before confirming the reservation.

If your hotel is not using third part websites then there is a huge chance of losing customers who are looking for price comparison before completing the reservation process.

It will also ease the booking process for customers.

If your software is not mobile-friendly or it works poorly on cell phones then you are losing big.

Because in mobile phones data is accessible on the go. Hence, you must check whether your hotel website is working on mobile phones or not.

You can look at the bounce rates when people are visiting your website through their mobile phones and compare them with the bounce rates of your website.

Moreover, you can check the complaints of customers regarding the same.

If you have to deal with multiple vendors for things like managing your hotel’s operations, handling direct bookings, managing online inventory distribution, or anything else.

Then, you need to consider other options. With software providing multi-vendor support, you no need to worry about minor things use and work towards the bigger picture.

Otherwise, you will be tangled with using diverse systems for accomplishing different tasks.

If after investing in the software still, the return on investment is low then it’s not working for you.

The software must lower your errors and its related expenditure, improve efficiency, automate operations.

It will ultimately increase return on investment.

So, measure your hotel returns and find out whether it is yielding results as per your expectations.

Your hotel software should enhance guests’ experience. They must make use of the data of guests which helps in understanding their preferences ad dislikes.

Hence, you can utilize this data in providing a valuable experience to your guests.

Moreover, if you get a system that has a built-in CRM, integrated loyalty program software, and a useful guest self-service portal.

Then, it will act as a cherry on the top.

Overbooking, double booking can have a negative impact on your guest’s experience.

You will not face it if your software is connected to the channel manager, as it will update inventory and their rates across all channels.

When updates between Hotel Reservation Systems and Online Travel Agencies take place in real-time and there is no complaint of overbooking.

It means the software is working for your hotel and need no replacement, in case other factors are also working in your favor.

What is the use of a system, if it has all the features but your employees and staffs find it difficult to operate.

In this fast-moving world, you cannot wait for several days for your employees to get well-equipped with the system.

If the system has too many manual tasks to be performed, is not user-friendly, and requires too much training then it’s time to switch.

We have come to the conclusion that if the system complicates hotel operations, not easily understandable, does not enhance guests’ experience, or improves return on investment.

Moreover, it is not integrating with third-party websites and the customer support is not meeting your needs.

If you are thinking that you have invested a lot of money then staying with a system not fruitful for your business will do more harm.

Please share views in the comment box.

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