Top 7 summer activities you can opt for in 2018

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These summers are going to be fantastic, as I have got some of the best summer activities for you.

Summers are meant to create memories. Clear skies, sunny days and a jovial environment, what else do we need?

So let us see some of the coolest summer activities.

Amusement Parks are the source of entertainment for every age group. They are the perfect place to visit for a family. And that is why they get a high footfall.

Amusement Parks offer everything from the soothing of the taste buds to the adrenalin rush. It can be the most colorful summer activity you can do.

They have amazing engineering complemented with colorful designing to provide you with the richest experience you can ever have.

Here is a list of some of the amusement parks around the globe by TripAdvisor.

The best place to get peace and privacy is the countryside. Abandon the big cities and take a trip to rural areas, experience the culture with the most friendly people of your country.

This summer, taking a trip to the countryside can be the best and most economic summer activity.

Countrysides have fewer options as compared to cities. In cities, you have hundreds of options to surf for your recreation but in small towns they are limited. But one of the best recreational activity on such location can be horse riding.

The most accessible outdoor sport is Fishing. It makes you a better person.

Fishing is beneficial from the physical point of view as well as from the mental point of view. It is physically good because it requires full body strength and mentally good because it requires a lot of patience.

And the best part of fishing is the “FISH”. Yes, what else could be.

Fish is one of the most nutrient food. And if you have a successful fishing event then you are going to have a healthy dinner.

I found a nice page for some finishing tips which you can check if you like.

Safari can be very affordable and value for money especially those in Africa. Approximately all the safaris include accommodation, meals, sightseeing, and activities that allow you to manage the budget easily.

Safari gives you a chance to interact with the wildlife especially the big five.

On top of that wildlife can also be a learning experience for your kids. There many junior ranger programs in which children learn to track animals and get to know the local culture.

Here are 50 incredible safari holidays which you can check.

The benefits of walking are huge and they are equally applicable to hiking. Hiking helps you lose weight, get stress free and refresh your brain.

Hiking is a simple summer activity you can do. You just need walking stamina and common sense.

There is no need for fancy sports equipment just a good pair of boots, optimum clothing and a backpack hence it is relatively cheap than other sports.

Here are some hiking tips you may like.

The road trip is a highly rated summer activity loved by many of us.

There is much on road than in the air, so planning road trip is more colorful experience than an air journey. You discover new towns, meet new people and taste different food on a road trip which is unachievable if you fly to a place.

It is one of the best ways to disconnect from the world and take me time.

If you want to resuscitate your relationship with someone, go camping with that person. Camping lets you get off the grid and connect to the mother earth.

Enjoy your favorite music and cook your food. Let your brain have the tranquility it needs.

Take your dog with you, learn new skills that too keeping everything on the budget.

If you have the wanderlust then just leave everything, pack your bad and fulfill your desire to travel.

And, do not fall in the myth that only rich can travel. You can travel on a low budget too.

Here are some tips for traveling on a low budget.

So these were the best summer activities according to me. Let me know if you like them or not. And also make some suggestions about what are the best summer activities according to you.

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