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5 Ways to travel on a low budget

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Traveling is the most loved activity of the majority of people in our society. But how many of us are able to travel according to our will. What’s holding us?

One of the most common answers is “Money”.

So let us discuss some of the growing Options for Low Budget travelers.


Budget Travel is relatively a new form of travel taking a hike in recent years.

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Some people may not be able or willing to spend much money, but wish to see the world anyhow. It is possible to travel with very little or even no money at all.

This means either keeping expenses low or earning money while one travels. Important: in your quest to reduce expenses, do not steal or mooch from others. There is honor in ultra-budget travel.


Travel is not a leisure for only rich people. Anyone can enjoy it, you don’t need a bag full of money to travel, just a will to make it happen will work.

Here some ways to make a cheap travel possible.

We are worried about saving money while traveling when we can actually earn money. The world is full of opportunity you just have to grab it. Some of the best ways of earning while traveling are:


  • Web Developer: Both big and small, need websites and developer services and they prefer hiring freelancers as it is cheaper for them. Hence, becoming a web developer is a good option. Obviously, you need to have some skills for that.


  • Au pair: Au pair is the person from a foreign country providing domestic services and living with the host family.
  • Bartender: A bartender can earn $230 per day. It is one of the most exciting jobs you can have on a tour.


  • Hostel worker: You can get a place to live and can also earn.


  • Waitress/waiter: If you are not picky, there is nothing you can’t do. You can work in the local restaurants as a part-time waiter or waitress to fund your trip.


  • Farmworker: Farmwork can be very exciting and can create a lot of memories. It is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. You grow food, help people around you and give a meaning to your traveling experience.


  • Dive instructor: You need to have a certification to be a diving instructor but if have that then it means diving is your game. You can enjoy your love for water and travel simultaneously and can earn money on top of it.


  • Tour guide: If you are a frequent traveler and know about the place you are visiting then it can be chance to fund your trip.


  • Cruise ship worker: Now, cruise trips can be a bit expensive. But as all of us know “where there is a will there is a way”. Any of us can get a trip even on the most expensive cruise without spending a penny by working on it.


Couchsurfing is a service which allows you to arrange and offer homestays. It is platform based on the gift economy and the hosts are not permitted to charge for the lodging.

Couchsurfing is one of the best ideas to get yourself a shelter in the foreign land. It will you do friendship with local people who also want to connect. These relations can be very beneficial especially when you are short on budget.

Not only stay, you can also get ride sharing, meals and a lot of help for the locals.

For low budget traveling, we must be aware and smart enough to save money at every possible point.

Travel hacking is the ultimate solution for saving resources on your trip. Travel hacking is figuring out how frequent flier miles and loyalty programs work so that we can get free flights, hotel rooms, train tickets, and cash back.

There can be many ways of travel hacking. Like watching out for deals on flights, hotels and other services.

Buying from give-away shops, shops where you can take things you want for free and where you can leave stuff you don’t need anymore.

Making all the payments from the card so that you can get rebates or cash backs.

The best place to eat and save money is the local market of that place. There are two main advantages of that first, you will get cheap food and secondly, you will experience the local taste.

You can also buy the ingredients and prepare your own food, it is a great way to stay on a budget.

Do not waste money on transport. Hitchhiking works almost in every country. Hitchhiking is asking for locals to give you lift in their vehicles.

The other way to commute free can be walking. Walking can give you the essence of the city to are visiting.

Well, for traveling you don’t need to be rich. All you need is just the presence of mind and the will.

This was my take on how we can curb our expenses on a trip. Hope you like it. But, as nothing is perfect, I must also have left many ideas to save money on travel so please suggest your ideas.

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