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5 Tips to increase International Bookings at your Hotel

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Many hotels enjoy being the favorite lodging place for local tourists in a particular destination. In case your hotel is one of them then there is nothing stopping you to attract international travelers.

attract international travelers

Like big hotel brands you too can market your hotel brand and bring in a lot of international reservations.

The following tips will help you to increase your international clientele and expand your existing customer base:

Social media websites have not just revolutionized the way we humans communicate with each other, but also boosted the communication process between customers and businesses. These networking websites have become powerful platforms that drive large numbers of bookings for hotels and B&Bs.

The results of the study made by Hotel Executive on marketing tactics on a global scale show that:

-Social networking sites are the second most influential source that drives traffic to travel suppliers.

-50% of the travel brands have gained direct bookings from social media.

-While traveling, 64% of non-U.S. Travelers use social media on the go.

Through international social media sites, you can promote your hotel and attract international travelers. It will lead to an increase in direct international reservations and boost mobile bookings at the same time.

There are different types of travelers. Some make arrangements for the tour and do the handwork of searching for low-cost travel options. While some travelers go for packages that include flight tickets hotel bookings to local tours, etc.

You can partner with local businesses to create affordable packages that will be suitable for international guests that are helpful to attract international travelers.

For example, you can partner with a well-known local restaurant in your location, tour guides, and other potential partners to design special tour packages according to your location.

The referral program is designed to help you to give rewards to guests and encourage them to make repeat bookings.

Many hotel brands have referral programs that to encourage new travelers to book with them and promote the hotel brand name to their family and friends to earn reward points. Then those points are used to get an extra night stay or to get amenities for free.

Go ahead and build your referral program to expand your reach in the global market. It will help you in building a brand image for international travelers and motivate them to spread your brand name among their communities.

To extend your reach you can partner with global online travel agents (OTAs) that target specific international markets. For example, most of Europeans widely use to plan their vacations and is the most preferred OTA in the Asian market, etc.

When you partner with such global agents, you make an easier way to reach international travelers located in other parts of the world.

To propel the position of your hotel for international growth you need to revisit your website and marketing material. Guests feel comfortable and are more likely to book a room when your website conveys the required information in their native language and prices in their desired currency.

This means your website should be able to translate into different languages and display prices of rooms in other currencies. So you can either translate all information on your website into different languages or use a hotel booking system that allows you to do so.

For example, Qloapps is a free-of-cost and open-source online hotel reservation system that helps hoteliers translate website content into several languages and lets customers view room prices in their desired currency.

Display high-quality and vivid images of the hotel and guests having fun and doing other interesting activities. In this way, you can show your international market what they will enjoy once they start their vacation at your hotel.

To use these strategies successfully, you need to learn about your target audience and then put yourself in their shoes. Then try one strategy at a time to see the results. With the adaptation of such tactics, you’ll be able to increase international bookings and grow recognition in the global market.

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