How to encourage young talent to join the hotel industry

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Do you know that there are great job opportunities for young talent in the hotel industry but they are not aware of it?

Hence, the first and foremost thing is to make them aware of opportunities and attract them to work in this industry to fulfill their long term goals. 

Investing in young talent in the hotel industry is important not only for the growth and sustainability of the hotel industry but also for young people and the society in which they are residing.

In the absence of this investment, the productive potential of a generation will remain untapped.

Here are the ways I am going to discuss by which we can attract new talent to the industry-:

  1. Make Young People Aware Of Career Opportunities In Hotel Industry
  2. Internship In Hotel Industry
  3. Flexibility In Training In Hotel Industry
  4. Using Social Media
  5. Hotel Industry Can Improve Economic Condition
  6. Corporate Culture
  7. Rewards And Recognition
  8. Easy To Apply For Job In Hotel Industry

The young generation is not aware of the opportunities available in this industry. They consider it as a halfway job. 

This lack of information about the good job opportunities available in this industry leads more employees to leave jobs after working for some time in the industry.

The industry should try to give more information to people about the industry and how it helps to build the career of young talent.

Hence, it will give your industry a wider choice of candidate and helps in retention also.

Many people enter the industry without having sufficient skills that are required for a job.

Thus, it leads to a mismatch of skills that are required by an employer and what is delivered by an employee.

To avoid this situation create internship opportunities in your industry.

Thus, they will know, how vast the hospitality industry is. They can learn about management, marketing, kitchen work, finance and accounting and so much more.

Also, create placement opportunities for youth who are pursuing an internship in the industry.

This not only helps youth gain knowledge and skills requirements for the industry but helps to build their confidence.

Skill-building should not only be restricted to traditional classroom way.

Not only on- the- job training but you can also give online training to young talent and prepare them for employment.

This helps to save the time and energy of your staff. 

People from far away places can learn different skills by sitting in their homes only.

This helps to make trainees more engaging in their work, make them more loyal, and reduce turnover.

As the younger generation is more active on social media, you can use this as a tool to attract young talent in the Hotel industry.

With the help of social media show them the working style of the Hotel industry. Also, give them a glimpse of the life of the staff working there.

You can launch your own website and give regular updates of anything new and innovative they are doing in their job.

With the help of using more videos and pictures, you can make your website more appealing to your visitor

In developing countries like India, we see that among all sectors of travel and tourism, the hotel industry can most likely to improve the economic condition of people.

Creating jobs and training youth can substantially improve the lives of people, their families, and their communities.

Hotels that provide pre-employment training and on-job training help to attract and retain youth and hence bring sustainability.

The industry should try to build a belief, values, and attitude that defines your company, henceforth employees will feel the privilege to be a part of them.

The industry should provide flexible working hours to its staff, which leads to more productivity of employees.

Try to combine work and play like table tennis, ping pong tables, after meal play, etc will able to attract young minds.

To attract and motivate young talent in the hotel industry you need to provide not only monetary benefits but also non-monetary benefits to them.

Hence, not only increase their salary but also praise and give recognition to them which acts as a motivation booster. 

There should also be clarity about the job and their roles, as creating unrealistic expectations leads to dissatisfaction.

In addition, give then projects to handle which make them feel important in their job.

After opening young people’s eye we should make it easier for them to apply for the job.

Today’s generation lack patience, they have distinct expectations from their workplace.

They want things to happen quickly and want to know the result as soon as possible.

Create ways so that people can easily apply for a job and directly take their face to face interview.

This way you can easily know whether the candidate is the right fit for the job.

There is an opportunity for both sides to ask questions and give answers without the need for several rounds of interviews.

We can conclude that, for the growth of both young people and the hotel industry we need to attract young talent in the hotel industry.

For this, we have to make people aware of the opportunities available and train them accordingly. 

They should be aware of the corporate culture, benefits that they can avail of. Also, they can easily apply for the job.

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