Wi-Fi – A Necessary Hotel Amenity

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Today when everyone is sticking to their digital gadgets, Wi-Fi becomes a necessity in hotels.

If we look at the history of the hospitality industry.

Then there was a time when telephonic communications and faxes were a major part of hotel amenities.

Then after the introduction of cellular technology people started using mobile devices.

They could check emails anywhere and make video calls.

Now the demand of hotel guests has moved on to Wi-Fi, and if possible free Wi-Fi connection is a great bonus for them.

As a hotelier, you may be providing a plethora of services like complimentary breakfast, a premium cable, and whatnot.

But what else can dramatically increase your sales and improve overall customer satisfaction?

After the cleanliness and friendly staff, the guests prefer to have a Wi-Fi connection in their rooms.

Detailed research was conducted by J.D. Power, in 2016 known as North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study.

As per the study, free Wi-Fi was one of the most important amenities alongside parking and breakfast.

The survey shows that 71% of the guests received complimentary Wi-Fi, while over half received complimentary breakfast and free parking.

It’s understandable by the behavior of the guests that Wi-Fi is not just a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity.

About 34% of business travelers won’t even consider a hotel that doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

While only 6% of business travelers thought that it wasn’t important.

These statistics were provided by Forrester when they researched the market and found.

That wi-fi is the most influential amenity guests looked for before booking rooms.

Nowadays both business and leisure travelers want similar connectivity as they have in their homes.

This is because they like to feel the same comfort of accessing and surfing the internet they feel in their homes.

A survey shows that nearly 80% of guests want to stream and interact with their own content from their personal devices.

It is also observed that free Wi-Fi is a must-have for several guests to make a reservation.

While those who want streaming services are ready to pay for the data they need.

If you think that adding an in-room Wi-Fi is an expensive decision, then you can go ahead with the tiered pricing to decrease the cost.

The best way would be to allow free internet access to guests for basic services like – using social media or checking emails etc.

If guests want more bandwidth then they can pay an extra charge to get better bandwidth to stream videos and make video calls and so on.

With Wi-Fi, you can gain online publicity and increase your online presence.

When guests need to connect to Wi-Fi they need to log in and accept your internet policies.

On the sign-in page, guests can be redirected to a chosen landing page.

You can use this landing page to ask guests to follow your hotel on social media websites, post pics, email sign up, or ask for feedback.

In this way, you’ll gain more online followers, a chance to stay in touch after they have checked out, and earn repeat bookings.

However, offering free Wi-Fi for hotel guests, especially younger travelers encourages them to leave positive feedback about their stay in your hotel.

These days, many hotels have begun providing high-speed Wi-Fi access to guests.

While free Wi-Fi means more bang for the buck for the guests.

So providing an internet connection is not only a necessity, it also enhances the overall guest experience and grants brand recognition.

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