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Why sustainability is an important factor in hospitality industry

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In the past few years, the tourism industry has flourished with an exponential rate.

Both leisure and business travelers have grown in number and thanks to millennials the concept of bleisure travel is also introduced. So now we have more reasons to travel.

And as the number of travelers increases per year, the pressure on the environment also increases.

So we must take steps to curb the adverse effects of our traveling on our environment.

Travelers and hotels both have become aware that of the fact that our activities have an impact on the environment whether we produce or utilize goods.

The role of sustainability is also significant in the hospitality industry. Hotels need electricity, water, goods that are both consumable and durable and it also leads to the creation of waste. The waste created is in the form of furniture, equipment, appliances, bulbs, tubes, etc.

In recent years, the green technology has flourished so well that it is available at affordable rates. Many hotels have begun to use the new green development projects.

Such projects are based on technology that uses the alternate source of energy like solar, air, wind etc. to produce energy.

The corporates that use such sustainable technology get the green building labels.


The emerging environmental technologies aim to achieve better performance in producing better operational procedures.

Cost-effectiveness is of the factors that make green technology more alluring.

You too can use green technology in a variety of ways. Install low flow shower heads to reduce the consumption of water, switch to air-cooled ice machines from the water cooled machines, use sensor activated taps in kitchen and washrooms.

In addition to using the technology, you can start a recycling program. Here your Hotel staff can get the training to collect the recyclable materials from the hotel waste.

Later you can recycle and reuse the materials that will naturally reduce your cost of operations.


There is awareness among the travelers about the harmful impact of pollution on the environment. Hence they look forward to the hotels that are focusing on minimizing the harm to the environment.

They feel compelled to stay at a property that efficiently uses the latest technology to reduce the energy waste and recycle the waste materials.

Thus, investing in environmental technology and better operational methods will result in a positive impression on the guests.

Some of the actions that can be taken care to use a hotel reservation system instead of the traditional ways to maintain the customer records and booking information, use CLF or LED bulbs to save more energy, towel reuse policies, etc.

They will not only feel more welcomed to such a property but also value the guest experience and embrace it with pleasure. It will affect both the occupancy and ADR of the hotel.


As per a study by Natural Marketing Institute, 58% of the consumers consider the impact of goods and service produced by a company on the environment.

This study showed that the consumers were more likely to purchase the goods from the company that practiced sustainable habits.

This is certainly the reason why major hotel brands have adopted sustainable practices to some extent that defines their brand. The younger generation looks up to the brands that show their efforts protecting the environment.

Therefore, with sustainable business practices, you can enhance the reputation the brand image of your hotel which will only lead to more profit.


The green companies that employ sustainable practices are also preferable for new talent to associate with them.

They also get to retain the employees as they feel proud to be a part of a reputed company that cares about the environment.

The younger generation and women are attracted to these companies that do not focus on profits alone, rather than aim for the betterment of the community. It also makes them feel that they can make a difference and contribute to society.

Show your hotel as a property that truly believes in environmental protection. It will help you gain the respect of your current employees. It will also attract people with a great caliber who will love to work at your hotel.


The above points indicate the adapting to the sustainability platform will transform a hotel from a more desirable place to stay as well as a reputed workplace for the employees. Thus, the importance of such a sustainability factor is bound to shape a great future for the hospitality industry.


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