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Why Occupancy Stats are needed for hotels?

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In today’s world, the delivery speed of information is crucial for businesses and customers. Most people spend their time on social media for the latest news. This shows that people rely on second-by-second updates about what is going on in the world. Therefore, many organizations use the updated data to their advantage.

Real-time data helps any organization to understand what customers want and which products are in high demand. So by leveraging this information, an organization can take quick and accurate decisions keeping itself ahead in its field of business.

QloApps displays the availability of rooms in real time to the admin. There is a calendar that provides clean and beautiful stats about the occupancy status of room types.

The admin has to select any range of dates, select hotel name, then select room type if necessary, and hit the search button. After that, the calendar is covered with color codes for available rooms(Green), unavailable rooms(Red), and partially available rooms(yellow) on each date between the chosen range.

There is also a numerical representation for occupancy levels — Total Rooms, Available Rooms, Unavailable Rooms, Partially Available, Booked Rooms and In-Cart Rooms. These numbers help the admin to quickly take notice of the reservation status and efficiently manage future bookings.

Below the calendar admin can also view the list of room types and specific room number according to the occupancy status. All the mentioned information is automatically managed by reservation system and there is no need for the admin to manually update the bookings.

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