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Where is travel technology heading post-COVID-19?

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Post COVID-19, industries should use travel technology to speed up the recovery process.

Welcoming many digital changes and promoting digital services is the need of the hour as it will prioritize safety.

Also, many travel industries have to make urgent changes in their strategies to adapt to the requirements of business post-pandemic.

But it is difficult to determine where improvements in travel technology can be made without affecting revenue post crises.

Due to the economic crisis, the government will also not able to lend a hand of support.

So, industries have to focus on their development and profitability rather than only depending on funds by external sources.

For instance from the government.

Travel industries must partner with financially stable organisations if they want to expand their business post-pandemic.

This is because financially stable organisations will invest in Research and Development which will eventually create more value and profits.

Travel technology should adopt to thrive post-pandemic

Below are a few changes in travel technology you can make post-pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science play a major role in making the industry to return to its normal position.

Nowadays, health and hygiene are the topmost priority of people.

They want that all touchpoints are well sanitized and free from any dirt and virus, incorporating AI and Data Science can help you achieve this.

Further, experts claim that Artificial Intelligence and Data Science can revive travel with the mass introduction of electronic passport and IDs.

Medical screening, deploying robot cleaners to avoid interaction between people and surfaces.

Moreover, with the increase in the number of data and businesses moving online.

There is an expectation for data scientists to reconstruct the revenue management architecture for hotels and flights.

Hotels will need to reassess existing market sources and focus on gap analysis to find emerging business sources.

Hotels would need to conduct a comprehensive re-budgeting process for the financial year shortly.

With vital input from the departments of Finance, Sales and Marketing and Revenue.

The Finance department must also make them aware of any benefit which they are getting from government post-pandemic.

Departments of Sales and Marketing will need to define new markets to draw revenue from.

And momentum is expected from consortium marketing.

Using social media ads and technologies, inform the current target segment on current or hyper customized packages.

Hoteliers will need to determine new market opportunities, evaluate contract sources of demand and deliver seamlessly to demand partners.

As hotels do not have access to this sort of information, they will need to use smart distribution technologies to be ahead from their competitors.

Exactly, we don’t know what recovery will look like, but we can say that it will be slow.

Initially, people will start visiting local places and mostly because of necessity like examination, business travel, wedding, etc.

Thus, it will help in the growth of the local economy. It does not mean that we should not be prepared for foreign travellers.

We have to show tourists that we are taking care of their safety and make it easier for them to visit.

Further, you can make online visa application processes or fully waive them based on the bilateral agreement.

As the travel industry is shifting online, hackers are going more active. Hence, chances of data breaches are high.

Cyber attacks in Indian organisations are double as compared to global organisations.

So if you are an Indian organisation then you have to take more care of the security of data to protect your organization from any harm.

Most of the industries and people are reactive of these attacks means they don’t know until the breaching of data occurs.

Hence, to avoid this they should start investing in guest data platforms that are secure.

Integrated systems are designed to reduce data leakage and AI solutions can use data to improve the guest experience.

Thus, hoteliers and travel industries must incorporate Artificial Intelligence, data security, platforms.

And integrations post-pandemic to maintain the security of data.

You can set up a mobile solution that can be easily operated from phone or tablet to manage the day to day operations efficiently and effectively.

The mobile device can easily check the Identification of consumers for safe and easy check-in and check-out while maintaining social distancing.

The solution must also be able to scan and store all the necessary information and documents of consumers.

If at the airport, railway station, hotel, etc., the customer is buying food or drinks then use this software to manage multiple points of sale outlets.

This software must be able to easily automate payments and refund process in real-time.

Further, management of staffs is also taken care of by the mobile software.

Hence, they can coordinate well without coming into close contact with each other.

In this technology-driven environment, you can easily train your staffs and give certifications without depending on traditional training methods.

Training can be possible through the right software solutions.

It is possible to organise the different certifications and assignments and delegate them to the staff to assess their ability.

The certification courses can have different sections and tasks.

And you can assign any of the tasks within a limited timeframe and allot marks accordingly.

After the successful completion of tasks, they can be assigned their roles based on their credibility.

Thus, without coming in contact and putting lives at risk, training is possible.

With the implementation of the various travel technology and implementing a few changes.

You can elevate or at least reduce the problems which the organisation is facing.

Ultimately, all these efforts will not go in vain and you will be able to create a safe environment for your staff and customers.

Please share views in the comment box.

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