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What Is The Use Of NFC In Hotel Industry?

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The hotel management’s first priority is the guest’s safety and security. Nowadays many types of technologies are implemented in the hotel for safety purposes. One of the recent technology seen is the use of NFC (Near-Field Communication) in hotel industry

Use Of NFC In Hotel Industry

NFC is one of the best technology that can be implemented in the hotel. If the guest feels safe in the hotel it directly improves the guest experience and the growth of the hotel.

The meaning of NFC is near-field communication. It is a two-way connection between the NFC tag and the smart electronic device.

What are NFC Tags?

NFC Tags are the chips that make any device connect with any other NFC device. These tags are the small integrated circuit that is made up of copper coil. Also, this NFC tag can store information up to 4Kb.

With NFC tags you can store images, text, and URLs. NFC is the tags that are comprised of stickers, in magnets that can be treated by smart electronic devices(mobile, tablet).

NFC is the distance communication between the NFC tag and the smart device. The range of this distance is up to 4cm.

These NFC tags are powerless, they get the power from the electronic device when they connect with it while reading the tags with help of magnetic induction.

In the hotel industry, NFC is used for room keys, automatic wifi access, easy payment, and hotel maintenance.

As we know NFC is one of the best technology for security purposes and payment. Therefore, there is much use Of NFC in hotel industry.

During the COVID-19 waves when the hotels are reopening then to maintain social distancing NFC is coming into the limelight for multiple uses.

Due to safety and the security purpose the use of NFC. Without any contact, you can open and close the door of the hotel room.

The card keys and the physical keys have the problem of wear and tear. The NFC keys are free from this kind of issue.

These kinds of keys promote automatic check-in. One can transfer the key before arrival at the hotel. The NFC code is not easy to crack and is highly secured. One can’t replace the NFC tags easily as compared to card keys and physical keys.

It reduces the manual work of check-in at the reception because the code is sent to the customer in advance. The customer just puts the device(mobile or tablet) near the NFC tag to get access to the room.

With the help of NFC technology, the customer does not require to enter the user name and password to use the wifi of any hotel.

Access to the internet or wifi is given to customers by configuring the NFC tag into their mobile. The customer just needs to take their smartphones near the tags or the QR code.

After that, the user will scan the QR code and will get access to Wifi will automatically.

The user can do hassle-free payments in the hotel. These payments have some upper limit on the amount. One can do the payment for the dining area, shops of the hotel, and bar.

With the NFC application, the user can integrate the back cards with the application. Therefore, while checking out they just scan the NFC tag, and with a single tap on the mobile device, the transaction takes place.

In this payment method, there is no need for OTP, PIN Code, passcode, or any other. This will promote the guest experience as NFC Payments promote contactless payment. It will get promoted because it does not ask for the PIN.

NFC tags are useful in housekeeping and maintenance. The staff of the hotel can get the details of the daily operations on their mobile device by integrating NFC tags on their mobile devices.

If there is any change in the daily operations then it will get updated automatically.

Whereas, in the case of maintenance, if any customer faces the failure of any device or any kind of issue in the room and services then they can update it or register by scanning the QR code for the maintenance portal.

The hotel employees are registered on the NFC with their details and employee IDs. This is useful in employee management.

Employees when registering themselves on the NFC tag, then they will get their to-do list automatically on their smart devices. It will allow them to know their daily work as well as where they have to work.

Additionally, the hotel manager can know where is the staff and what they are doing at any certain time.

After applying the NFC in the hotel industry what kind of benefits are seen in the hotel industry is discussed below.

When there is advance check-in and seamless and contactless payment is there then the customer has a better experience.

It will attract the customer to move toward that hotel having the latest technology. It will be helpful in gaining positive feedback.

With the NFC contactless access to the room and the removal of the swipe card keys, the guest room is more private and safe.

It room can be accessed only with the guest’s mobile phone. So it is hardly possible for any third person to get into the room.

Also, the key code is only with the guest and not with any other person. This feature makes the NFC more secure and safe.

Above all, we can say that the NFC i.e near-field communication is one of the best technology that improves the guest experience and give growth to the hotel. As well as improve the efficiency of the hotel management.

That’s all for “What Is The Use Of NFC In Hotel Industry?”

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