What blend of hotel marketing mix suits your property best?

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The hotel marketing mix tools are used to identify various elements that promote a hotel.

There are numerous writings in the literature which encourage managers to use marketing mix models to direct their decision making.

Known as the 4Ps, the classical marketing blend model is the foundation of every marketing campaign.

It comprises price, product, place and promotion.

But the traditional marketing mix faces criticism on various grounds.

For instance- It ignores the impact of external environment on marketing decisions.

But, as external and uncontrollable environmental variables are highly critical marketing strategy factors.

Hence, it leads to the creation of an expanded marketing mix which includes all services.

But, here we are only sticking to this 4Ps as they are widely accepted and used by others.

All the marketing mix’s elements (i.e. product, price, place and promotion) influence each other.

Proper research and formulation of strategies are required to build trust among guests.

Thus, when we blend these elements of marketing mix they help in the success of the hotel.

Blend elements of hotel marketing mix to achieve success

To promote and sell your hotel, you must use this hotel marketing mix to build an effective marketing strategy.

The first thing which hotels must keep in mind is the quality of the products they are delivering to their guests.

They sell a luxurious experience to their guests in the name of the product.

In the hotel industry, products include guest rooms, parking facilities, recreational facilities, food requirements, free wifi, good staff, etc.

Every guest visit hotel with some purpose. For instance- One visits there for attending the business conference another for leisure purpose.

Hence, they both are different market segments and their requirements are different.

So, the concerned departments of the hotels must take care of the specific requirements of different marketing segment

This is to deliver excellent services to their guests and be in their good books.

Further, hotel management must always keep an eye on the lifestyle changes in society to upgrade their products and services accordingly.

A dynamic pricing strategy is the need of the hour. A room book at a lower price is better than an unbooked room.

In this competitive market, pricing strategies play a major role in attracting guests and ensure high occupancy rates.

If the hotel items such as guest accommodation, food and beverage menu etc. are not competitively priced.

Then the potential visitor can refuse to use the hotel services. Thus, it is very difficult to determine effective price and make price-related decisions.

Hence, you must experiment with pricing strategies to know how different seasons affect different guests.

And find out what’s most appealing to them.

The rate of a room is determined on a seasonal basis. Divide seasons into high, mid and low seasons.

This is the season when the demand for the hotel is highest and you can charge high rates from your guests.

You can capitalize on the demands of guests in high season by increasing premium.

This is the time of year when demands are lowest. Give discounts and offers in this season to attract guests.

This is the best time to draw new guests as rooms are available, and you can charge reasonable rates from them.

Also, the marketing activities are highest at this time.

Here it represents two things.

First, is where you are promoting your hotel and the second is the geographical location of your hotel?

Where you are advertising your hotel also plays a major role so that it reaches your potential guests.

The Internet plays a huge role here, as travellers use it to compare hotels, its rates, etc with other hotels.

Hence, you must make your website user-friendly and see that it is easily accessible by users

There are two distribution methods which hotels use to promote their hotel to its guests.

The direct method like the sales team involved in sales, promoting hotel in social media platforms, printed media advertisements.

The indirect methods for promoting hotels are online travel agents, travel agents, independent hotel representatives.

Hence, you must list your hotel in these OTAs as they use powerful marketing tools to grab the attention of guests.

Next is the geographical location of the hotel. Different people have different needs.

Some want to spend time in nature and a quiet place so outskirts of the city are suitable for them whereas others want to stay near locality.

Hence, choose your location by considering these factors.

Lastly, we have a promotion. Promotion is the way hotels interact to attract clients.

We know how much it is important to promote our product to create a buzz among people.

Also to set it apart from its competitors. It comprises of various elements like public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion, etc.

Social media is such a powerful tool. Hence you must utilize it to promote your hotel.

Make various strategies to promote your product in the market and make everyone aware of the value of the product and services you provide in the market.

For instance, you can invite media personalities to your hotel for a meal and show-off your hotel and its services.

You can also partnership with restaurants, cinemas, theme park, etc.

This not only reduces the cost of promotion but also give access to the new market.

To boost your bookings in no time, you must know how to use the hotel marketing mix in the best possible way.

By keeping a focus on the 4Ps of marketing (i.e. product, price, place, promotion).

You can easily achieve your marketing objectives in the target market.

This is because the marketing mix helps in thoroughly understanding your target customer and leads to greater revenue in the long run.

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