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Ways to handle customer complaints at hotel

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If you run a business you are bound to hear customer complaints. Suppose there is a restaurant with the best food and great location. But the customer service isn’t up to the mark, then it will severely affect the business.

Addressing the complaints of the customer is also a part of customer service. If you don’t handle their complaints in the right way things can go wrong.

They may end up annoyed and never return to you. Thus, by not handling their complaint the restaurant has to bear the loss of a customer.

Conversely, if the negative feedback is dealt responsibly then customers tend to forget about the complaint.

Today most of the customers check the reviews about restaurants, hotels and etc. According to a survey, 13% of the unhappy customers do share their complaint with 15 or more people.

So a positive review can generate more leads whereas a negative feedback can harm the revenue stream.

AS a hotelier you will want to address the customers with your full potential to take care of the situation. Here are the ways which will help you in doing so:


First and foremost it the hotel staff should be well trained to be calm and listen to the complaints of the guests. Whether the problem can be solved or not, it is still necessary to listen to them.

In case the staff shows any kind of disrespect like acting annoyed or displaying off body language, then it will make the customer angrier. This kind of behavior turns situation even worse.

So it is essential for the staff to remain calm, understand their complaint and acknowledge the feedback. Once the situation diffuses the situation comes under control and a common understanding can be built between the staff and the guests.


A simple apology always clams down a frustrated guest. So it is advisable to apologize to the guest whenever they come up with the something that is disturbing them.

When you or hotel staff apologizes, it demonstrates that you are trying to understand their pain and are ready to work hard on finding a solution.


Did you know that as per a research customers care more about the quality than the speed of the response?

It is the duty of the staff to provide a solution to match the complaint of the guest. Suppose a guest isn’t happy with the beds in his room. Then the staff must immediately provide the guest with another room that is best suitable to his requirements.

Or for example, the guest is disappointed with the food. You can apologize and offer them freebies such as a free round of drinks, desserts etc.

At the same time, the staff should assure the guests that such a situation won’t be repeated. Also, let them know that you will work towards improving the service according to their feedback.


Every negative feedback is a loophole that guests inform you about. These complaints come up due to the negative customer service received by the guest.

You must learn from the negative feedback and use it as an opportunity to improve the business. So you can work on the areas which need the most attention for improvement.

Ultimately, with every complaint, you must work hard to sharpen the customer service skills of the staff. Make sure that you do not receive a complaint once again.


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