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Ways to expand booking of your timeshare investment

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Are you eager to expand bookings of your timeshare investment? Then look nowhere.

In this blog, I have mentioned tips which help out with the same.

But let’s first understand what is a timeshare.


A timeshare is a vacation property shared ownership model whereby multiple owners use a property exclusively for a while.

This model applies to different types of vacation properties like resorts, apartments and condominiums.

They are available for a fixed week – every year a customer has a set week, or a floating week – use of the property is limited to a season.

Timeshare Investments

Many people don’t know about this investment plan but these were in existence for a long time.

The fractional ownership of property is called timeshare investment. Example- you purchase two weeks at a timeshare apartment every year.

It means that you own 2/52 share of the apartment, while other timeshare investors or businesses buy the remainder.

You can do whatever you want for that period when you own the property.

You can rent it, use for your business purposes or you can use it for yourself.

Apartment use for timeshare investment

Below are the ways to expand bookings of your timeshare investment are-:

You should invest in locations that you love. If you love the property in which you are investing then you make time and put efforts to make it profitable for you.

As the owner, the location of your property is of your choice, then you can easily convince others of its value as well.

When other businessman and investors see that it’s owner genuinely value the property, then they can easily get convinced in investing in the property.

Hence, you must choose the location wisely while investing in it, as if you don’t love the location then you can’t sell it to others.

As in cities, the real estate space is expensive and also they offer limited space at more cost.

Thus, you will find city timeshare space usually offer less space than timeshares in beach resort areas.

Because of the scarcity of real estate in top urban markets makes them expensive.

Additionally, its price is determined by demand and supply of property.

The stays in properties of cities are for a shorter period as compare to traditional timeshare.

Because traditional timeshare offer full-fledged activities programs but such programs are not necessary for properties located in cities.

You make strategies and planning for the successful implementation of your business.

Likewise, to earn profit in timeshare investment properties you have to make long term planning and strategies.

Planning for a shorter period is not fruitful for any business. Hence, you must make plans by keeping of view of at least one year.

Since most people research online for properties so their advertising is crucial.

This way you can easily rent out your property. And attract more guests by providing discounts.

Timeshares can be traded with other owners of a timeshare, or even for different travel and holiday options.

This way you can increase the rental bookings of your timeshare property.

Also, you may exchange your timeshare at another resort, belonging to another company when you are not using it.

You may want to exchange timeshare travel tips with other companies while you’re at it, so you can apply them as needed.

This helps you to make connections with other businessman and investors that will work for you in renting out property easily.

You can search for online timeshare travel sites.

These companies can offer trips and rental properties in exchange for timeshare trade-ins around the world.

Some timeshare provides buyers with credits or points. Cash-in these credits or points whenever you wish to stay at the company’s property.

You can also trade timeshare in an open market to try a new destination.

You have to list your timeshare on online bulletin boards and vacation rental sites.

With the increasing popularity of other providers like Airbnb works both as advantages ad disadvantages.

As these properties are becoming popular day by day.

You must position your property in such a way that enables you to compete with their prices.
In order to raise bookings, you must competitively price your investment property in the timeshare.

If you wish to book your desired location then you have to submit your search early.

First in first out method follows in this. That’s why you must book as early as possible.

It is a good idea to submit your search request as soon as possible particularly for those weeks of high demand.

As there is a limitation in the availability of properties and weeks offered for those properties.

Thus, there are chances that traders will not able to book the exact week and location of their desire.

So, you must give a broad range of dates and locations, to increase their possibility of booking a reservation.

If dates cannot be changed then providing a range of locations within those same dates.

Hence, it will provide a greater opportunity to find a reservation that is satisfactory.

If you can stay in smaller units, then ask for it. By doing this, you can increase the mileage you earn from your exchange points.

Small units require fewer points and give you the option to prolong your trip or take several vacations.

Making an ongoing search with your trading firm will enable you to save your spot in line for the resort you want.

Such ongoing searches are given priority by search age. The older the search, the higher priority.

First come, first serve. So that means getting your online search submitted as early as possible is important.

As discussed earlier, it’s smart to keep your choices as open as possible to make sure you find a holiday you want.

Each exchange firm handles its open searches a little differently, and it’s a good idea to find out how they work ahead of time.

We can say that to make your timeshare investment a profitable venture for your business, following the above tips can help you a lot.

Especially at a time when COVID-19 has impacted your business badly, this will act as an opportunity for you to increase your revenue by offering affordable alternatives.

You can turn this pandemic into your advantage by inculcating proper sales tactics and rental booking strategies.

Please share views in the comment box.

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