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Virtual events your hotel can host during COVID-19

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At the time of COVID-19, your hotel can host virtual events. As this virus turns everything upside down.

The value of face to face interaction can’t be replaced with digital interaction.

But at this time of the pandemic, meeting face to face is not an option.

Hence, you can host virtual events to stay proactive and visible to your target customers.

These events act as a good marketing strategy and provide your business opportunity to grow amidst the crisis.

There are several benefits of virtual events that I have listed in this blog. Take a look at them.

The virtual events allow a large number of people to attend it from their place.

Thus, they can easily engage with your content and brand while taking care of their health.

As the events are not time-bound, so a large number of people can stay engaged for a large time.

Every attendee of the event wants to have exclusive knowledge, content on thought leadership, and access to training.

A virtual event can effectively deliver these kinds of information.

That’s why you should take care of the length of the session and plan the schedule accordingly.

By connecting with people digitally, you can easily deliver more value to your audience than in person.

Because in this, people can raise questions easily and get an immediate response.

In digital events, you can easily converse with experts and build long-lasting business relationships.

You may combine the opportunity to start an ad hoc conversation with a planned approach.

Here, participants may book a call or video chat at the correct time with a designated person.

You can also schedule a live Question and answer session.

Attendees of the event can easily take advice from experts during live sessions.

It’ s fun to socialize and connect with others.

You can use digital events as a platform for your attendees to socialize and increase network.

You can use this platform where they can talk and make personal connections with peers.

Creating an online discussion room for different areas of interest would help participants understand where they will find like-minded individuals.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, I think we all understand the importance of self-love and taking care of your near and dear ones.

So the ideas of virtual events that I have listed below are on this basis only.

If hoteliers host these events then they can easily build strong connections with their guests and can also attract new guests.

Virtual Events are-:

People are practising social distancing and most of them are residing alone in their homes.

This can lead to depression, anxiety, and a whole lot of problems.

When we encourage people some self-care practices which they can easily perform at home that can help them.

Connecting your audience with the counsellor can help you heal. This helps to heal mental and emotional problems.

Talking out thoughts and feelings can make you feel better.

Although talking to close friends and family members about your issues can be very helpful, sometimes you need support that the people around you are not able to offer.

If you need additional support, external perspective, or expert guidance, talking to a therapist or counsellor can help.

We are lock in our rooms, gyms are open. So feeling motivated everyday to workout is a tough job.

Identify your audience and point out reasons that motivate your audience to attend it.

These events you can organize live or upload and submit recorded versions of that live event.

Focus on those exercises that require no or very less equipment.

You can also add value to it by giving tips on nutritional foods.

Imparting them advice on the benefits of switching to a healthy diet.

To make it more interesting, you can also partner with local fitness instructors and bloggers.

Meditation helps to distress, maintain focus, sharp mind, and improves overall well-being.

At this time people have time to indulge in other activities.

You can use Google Hangouts or Zoom to perform and capture video calls.

Interview your customers and employees about their knowledge of products and their experiences using that product.

The services they perform and the culture they follow.

After this lockdown is over, you can use these videos and transcripts to write blog posts, release it in media, or as your social content.

It’s the perfect time to share your knowledge and skills with your audience.

This will engage your audience with your brand. Thus, ultimately strengthen your brand.

Your hotel’s chefs can give recipes tips in virtual events.

Efficient kitchen staff work quickly and with perfection.

Some of their go-to tips can be shared by hotel chefs at this time of the pandemic.

You can also teach people some of your favourite dishes from the hotel’s menu.

Hence, people will come to know the great food your hotel provide which ultimately attracts them to your hotel.

Hotels can teach a variety of Art and Craft which people are willing to learn during this lockdown.

They find this as a perfect opportunity to know about different skills which they can possess.

And after watching it uploaded by your hotel website. It will attract them to visit there.

To do this you can call some small talented minds to business to contribute their talent to your platform.

If we talk about what to teach, you can put calligraphy, painting, photography to macrame, crochet, jewellery, and many more.

From the above, we can say that opportunities are everywhere.

We have to find ways to grasp them. At this time of the pandemic, we can host virtual events to interact with others.

At this time show your viewers that you care for them.

And also convert this into an opportunity to establish other revenue streams.

Please share views in the comment box.

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