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Use Geolocation to target and capture market

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Hoteliers use geolocation marketing techniques to target and capture their customers.

Location-based marketing is a creative marketing technique that helps hotels in broadcasting their messages.

It also gives them the chance to target individuals and give them information about room availability and other special amenities.

The guests get information about the hotel when they are in location. Thus, it leads to an increase in consumer interest.

Geolocation use to target and capture market

Lets first understand what is Geolocation, then we will understand what steps we should take to target and capture the market.

Finally, we will understand the importance of geolocation for targeting and capturing guests.

Geolocation is used to identify the location of a particular device by using GPS or IP address to identify internet-connected devices.

For Instance- By mistake, you leave your mobile phone at your home and go to a nearby shop to buy groceries.

Then one cannot track out that you visited that grocery shop at that time.

IP address Information for the geolocation are countryside, geography, town, zip-code, latitude and longitude.

It involves three levels of audience targeting. They are Geotargeting, Geofencing and Beaconing.

The most popular form of geolocation is geotargeting. Geo-targeting, otherwise known as local PPC.

It refers to the practice of providing consumers with different content or advertisements based on their geographical locations.

Marketers track the IP address of web browsers, which track the cities or states of potential customers.

With Geofencing, marketers can target more specific areas where the potential customer resides like streets in which they reside.

It can also use for the entire state.

Through geofencing, advertisers use the GPS coordinates of a smartphone instead of its IP address.

It helps them both to locate and track the customer position as it passes.

Thus, gives companies the ability to advertise within a given geographic radius specifically to potential customers.

It is also known as ‘proximity beacons’.

It is Bluetooth enable devices and is useful for communicating with customers in your shop or at your gathering.

This technology detects precisely where customers are walking within the area, so you can target them accordingly.

They do offer a limited range of communication.

However, they are dependent on the Bluetooth signal activity, and they can be difficult to place and manage public property.

Geotargeting does not always mean you have to locate someone physical location.

It also means what the visitor’s plans or likings are by looking at their searches like popular landmarks, tourist destinations, nearby landmarks, etc

For instance- Malls near Gandhi marg

Geography predicts attractive demographics and information about users in that area.

Knowing the target market of your hotel and adapting to it, lets you identify the people who may be more involved in your product or service.

Targeting advertisements that use user data helps advertisers to offer location-specific advertisements to customers.

Even though the location followed by the customer does not suit the exact location that he or she was looking for.

A visitor’s travel history provides a lot of personal information about visitors.

For instance, where they want to visit, what they want to purchase, how much they make the journey and even how they get there.

Obtaining this information gives marketers great insight that enhances the ability to target consumers and delivers relevant responsive location specific ads and information.

Whether the visitor is present in that area or not.

Just reaching the right visitors is not enough, you have to provide them with the most appropriate information.

If you choose the correct user who clicks on your ad but doesn’t configure the landing page for that ad, then such conversion may be missed.

You can get the right user to right targeting page by using geo-aware targeting.

With the help of your site or landing page, you can easily detect where the user is when they click on it.

Through targeted content and on-site personalization, geolocation can transform the customer experience.

The location of a person can tell a lot about them.

When potential guests visit your hotel’s website, you have an opportunity to know a person’s culture.

A person belonging to a particular culture has a specific standard and expectation.

Hotels can easily know what’s customer preferences, likes, culture are by looking at their location.

You ‘re offering an alternative home to a stranger for a few days.

Hence, knowing simple things about their region, nation, and even the city as soon as they hit your site will give your marketing team the upper hand they need.

A simple greeting in the native language of a visitor can make them happy.

Further, geolocation marketing can target potential new customers.

By using geolocation marketing, businesses at brick-and-mortar locations can effectively convert both foot and online traffic to new customers.

Additionally, businesses can track check-ins effectively with geolocation and get tangible results on customer traffic and sales.

For raising reservations, hoteliers may use the smartphone, geofencing data and flight cancellation data.

They can also leverage SMS to engage potential guests in a conversation.

Geolocation is a technique which enables you to know about your customers in a better way.

It allows the hoteliers to see the movements and preferred locations of their customers at preferred destinations.

From above we can see that how geolocation use to target and capture the market with the help of Geotargeting, Geofencing and Beaconing.

Further steps hoteliers must take to target and capture potential customers.

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